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Google Analytics Platform Principles (READ ONLY MODE)

This course forum for Google Analytics Platform Principles on Analytics Academy is now in READ ONLY MODE.

View the full course at https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/platform-principles.

This free course was offered with support from Google Analytics experts through March 27, 2014 at 11:59pm PDT. Students were able to submit questions in this forum for their fellow students and the course staff to answer. To view questions about specific course topics, click into the categories below.

For additional social learning opportunities, to share your Google Analytics best practices and ideas, and to network with your fellow students, check out the Analytics Academy Google+ Page.

Happy Learning!

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Unable to get my name on the certificate Indrajeet Deshpande 3/28/14
Bad Links on some course material Timothy Swearingen 3/28/14
Certificate Gal Springman 3/28/14
Coach? Susan M 3/28/14
Enabling Demographics & Interest Tracking Lisa S 3/28/14
I am not able to submit my assessment. Receiving and error when clicking the Submit button amy.st...@gmail.com 3/28/14
HI, Is it possible to do this course another time as I could not do it during this alotted time period. Please advise - thank you Bonnie MG 3/28/14
One year time period for returning visitors KaeRae Art C 3/27/14
Cannot save certificate as PDF using Firefox Rebecca Randall 3/27/14
metrics Aditya Shrivastava 3/27/14
No certificate Kuku Namuniu 3/27/14
retake exams Aäron Rombouts Katznelson 3/27/14
Account Linking - YouTube? Jaya 3/27/14
Analytics Descrepancies - Event Tracking Lisa S 3/27/14
AllTrafficReportwithOddResults Susan M 3/27/14
My IP address is not being excluded from the report. Susan M 3/27/14
Implementing Google Analytics Rocco Pastonesi 3/27/14
Question about User ID Ricardo Cruz 3/27/14
google analytics help session today Laura Stiles 3/27/14
Which Google Analytics dimensions are only available for AdWords traffic? Rita Braga Martins 3/27/14
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