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Paper announcement Emmanuel Busato 12/14/17
gonum.org/v1/netlib kortschak 12/7/17
github bot Sebastien Binet 12/4/17
gonum & jupyter Sebastien Binet 11/30/17
Simple multi-dimensional tables in Go Brendan Tracey 11/29/17
Complex arrays and updating mat Josh Einstein-Curtis 11/28/17
Making the Graph Interface Scalable Leo Neumeyer 11/22/17
General management discussion/Send me your github accounts Zoe Juozapaitis 10/21/17
proposal: signal processing package Kevin Zimmerman 10/13/17
proposal: add more usage examples to godoc Jeremy Atkinson 10/12/17
Improving gonum perfs Sebastien Binet 10/10/17
intsets performance Leo Neumeyer 9/18/17
rebase before merge Sebastien Binet 9/15/17
hardware/linux help kortschak 8/29/17
gonum/plot migration to gonum.org/v1/plot Sebastien Binet 8/28/17
slow travis! kortschak 8/10/17
Proposal: package with iterative solvers for linear systems Vladimír Chalupecký 8/8/17
Difference between distuv and distmv Rodrigo Almeida 7/31/17
proposal for an exp repository kortschak 7/31/17
Build and Test Gonum locally Rodrigo Almeida 7/31/17
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