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spring clean gonum/gonum branches kortschak 3:43 PM
normalize by column Brent Pedersen 3/13/18
call for reviewers with asm experience/interest kortschak 3/2/18
Go versioning proposal Brendan Tracey 2/21/18
Sparse BLAS level 1 re...@vimies.com 2/18/18
[ANN] gijit, an interactive Go environment, backed by LuaJIT Jason Aten 2/8/18
RGSoC team | Proposal for Gonum Rupal Jain 2/4/18
[ANN] complex algorithms: QR, SVD, FFT ktye 2/4/18
Announcing version 3.0 of the 'decimal' library: elementary and trigonometric functions, better performance, and more. er...@ericlagergren.com 1/31/18
Fwd: Call for project proposals for 2018 High-Energy Physics Software Foundation Google Summer of Code Sebastien Binet 1/24/18
portfolio optimization in gonum framework Pär Lorentz 1/22/18
gonum python and AI Dave Mazzoni 1/19/18
Introducing myself lindsay....@gmail.com 1/13/18
New golang Jupyter kernel and gonum Yu Watanabe 1/11/18
gonum & jupyter Sebastien Binet 1/10/18
Anyone willing to take on a mentee? Tan Chen 1/10/18
online (updating) algorithms for least square solvers ktye 1/9/18
clapack example Dave Mazzoni 1/6/18
returning nil value in interface is confusing Leo Neumeyer 12/31/17
archiving deprecated repos kortschak 12/30/17
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