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General management discussion/Send me your github accounts Jeff Juozapaitis 8/16/16
mulit-group histogram Brent Pedersen 9/21/16
i/o tools and data-type layout descriptors Sebastien Binet 9/20/16
lapack problem? Dave Mazzoni 9/20/16
OpenBLAS dgemm port Kunde21 9/10/16
Gonum tutorials? michel perez 9/5/16
Out for a bit Brendan Tracey 9/2/16
graph: Finding a path between two nodes? Brendan Tracey 9/1/16
Cross compiling OpenBLAS for ARM Dave Mazzoni 8/5/16
lapack/native: porting "recursion" from LAPACK to gonum Vladimír Chalupecký 8/4/16
Famous Matrices aka Matrix Gallery Geert Wenes 8/1/16
plot/palette proposal: remove rainbow, add palettes from http://www.kennethmoreland.com/color-advice/ Chris Tessum 7/9/16
cgo lapack linker errors Brendan Tracey 6/27/16
Re-organize gonum/internal Kunde21 6/25/16
Advanced statistics routines Brendan Tracey 6/15/16
Transition to gonum.org Brendan Tracey 6/12/16
gonum/internal API question Kunde21 6/11/16
curve fitting Sebastien Binet 6/9/16
Changing gonum/quad to gonum/integrate Brendan Tracey 6/3/16
gonum/plot: scripting interface ? Sebastien Binet 5/30/16
publish doi for repos at 1.0 kortschak 5/19/16
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