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General management discussion/Send me your github accounts Jeff Juozapaitis 10/14/14
ODE solver draft Timur Zaripov 8/24/15
API stability road map(s) kortschak 8/20/15
Re: [gonum-dev] Re: Continuous Integration Jonathan Lawlor 8/19/15
Dealing with errors in c-based lapack libraries Brendan Tracey 8/11/15
Format function usage Letitgo 8/6/15
gonum plot redesign: the next generation kortschak 7/27/15
any util function for a Matrix X a float64? Letitgo 7/11/15
try GoNum in logistic regression Letitgo 7/9/15
Continuous Integration Jonathan Lawlor 7/8/15
Is there mat32 API and impl ? Zhang,Lei(Ecom) 7/6/15
[proposal][RFC] MDP Jeff Juozapaitis 6/13/15
[proposal][RFC] Classify Jeff Juozapaitis 6/13/15
Optimization package Brendan Tracey 6/6/15
What machine learning classifier options are there right now? Jeff Juozapaitis 6/4/15
Proposed change to mat64: drop support for arbitrary matrices Brendan Tracey 5/5/15
Plotting glyphs Brendan Tracey 4/21/15
[RFC] add decimal calculation package(s) speter 4/18/15
[gonum/plot] vg/drivers Sebastien Binet 4/4/15
code.google.com/p/plotinum has moved to github.com/gonum/plot. Ethan Burns 3/31/15
Officially moving Plotinum to gonum/plot Ethan Burns 3/28/15
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