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Welcome to the GoAhead WebServer Discussion Group

This group is for community support and sharing issues relating to the GoAhead WebServer. The forum is moderated and support is provided by members. As a primary sponsor, Embedthis participates in the forum, but relies on the group for active support -- that is up to the community.

When asking questions, it really helps if you:

1. Say what GoAhead WebServer version you are usingĀ 
2. Say which O/S you are using and what version
3. Say what CPU you are using
4. Say if you are using the standard unmodified GoAhead WebServer source distribution
5. Say if the error is reproducible
6. Provide a small test case code sample if possible

Providing this information helps the community to be able to assist you.

If you require commercial support, please contact Embedthis atĀ support@embedthis.com. Embedthis provides a range of commercial support offerings and licenses for the GoAhead WebServer.


Michael O'Brien

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