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A femtolisp based emacs clone 8:52 PM
Correct gnus article count henry atting 8/20/16
C-Home, C-End doesn't work in gnome-terminal - any idea why? Peter Valdemar Mørch 8/16/16
Emacs for over aged hippies?! Emanuel Berg 8/16/16
org-ref bibliography html export & bigblow 8/14/16
Gnus configuration to connect IMAP server? Rolf Ade 8/12/16
galaxy s6 B. T. Raven 8/11/16
require CL once and Gnus twice; also, downscoring threads Emanuel Berg 8/11/16
require basic stuff from specific packages Emanuel Berg 8/10/16
Etymology of `visiting' files Udyant Wig 8/9/16
Question - Is this the right group to ask for GNU emacs init load errors? Thanks -Peter Below is my --debug-init error messages. What am I doing wrong? GNU_BABY_STEP 8/5/16
ratliff indentation style, peculiar indentation of close brace Jim Newton 8/5/16
Possible misleading example in `Incremental Search' Info node Udyant Wig 8/4/16
C-k messes up display -- have to redraw-display 8/3/16
on eshell's encoding Daniel Bastos 8/2/16
Trouble setting default font and window size Ron House 8/1/16
systemd @ in filenames not supported by thing-at-point Emanuel Berg 7/29/16
How do I use a var as a string? Tom Browder 7/29/16
sunrise and sunset times Conor Matthew 7/29/16
Set indent-relative relative to specific line JOE Staursky 7/29/16
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