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Can an :around advice know the name of the function it is advising? Marcin Borkowski 12:02 AM
customize-face + inherit Yuri D'Elia 2/13/16
getting the source finding button in c-h f help buffers to work Samuel Wales 2/13/16
continuing indentation in for loop condition in cc-mode Gregory Fong 2/12/16
[GNUS] Displaying available news-groups, sorted by name Emanuele Santoro 2/12/16
A way for interactive to modify a let-bound variable? Kaushal Modi 2/12/16
Help setting nadvice for indent-region Kaushal Modi 2/12/16
Projectile: Associating variables to a project? Elena 2/12/16
improper behavior of (scroll-down 0) Shiyao Ma 2/12/16
64 bit official Windows builds Sam Halliday 2/12/16
Confusion about Undo keybinding Kevin Havener 2/11/16
Upgrading Emacs from Git Marcin Borkowski 2/11/16
aggressive-indent-mode freezes Luca Ferrari 2/10/16
Building an open source cross development chain deadbrain 2/10/16
Should ask-user-about-supersession-threat be aware of noninteractive ? (emacs -batch) 2/10/16
pinyin character input Haines Brown 2/10/16
Password prompt inside Emacs with epg-gpg-program -> "gpg2"? Michael Heerdegen 2/10/16
remote editing of files with emacs on a machine that does not have emacs installed Kenneth Wolcott 2/8/16
Gmail’s \Muted label in Gnus Nikolai Weibull 2/7/16
"cl-case" with strings Emanuel Berg 2/5/16
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