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The reasons to bring back SMS texting (if you are here because SMS disappeared, please read top line) C Coletti 4:10 AM
More Font required Ajeesh Arjunan 4:07 AM
reminders to follow up sent emails alan babington-smith 3:05 AM
Confirmación de lectura por defecto en todos los correos Veronica Lozano 2:11 AM
sms Prasad Madurasinghe 1:46 AM
Response button move to the left site Maric-Alexei Huawei 1:32 AM
Conversatie ordering / Conversation sort Maric-Alexei Huawei 1:29 AM
why cant i have a standard logo picture header pre programed same like signatureon on the end of a massage ? Stuart Wehnes 1:24 AM
sms (text messaging) in chat bujji gadu 1:23 AM
text message sending Fathima Rahna 12:43 AM
let an 'add to contacts?' prompt come up automatically after an email is sent. the present '..other contacts..' option just feels like work! Diederik le Grange 12:18 AM
Editing Labels in Bulk, maybe Ajax Kim 4/22/14
"Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat" tousin das 4/22/14
SMS plzzzz hiruni samarasinghe 4/22/14
Please get SMS bacl Deepu 4/22/14
What happened to SMS? I can't text anymore! Sarah McCollum 4/22/14
Bring back SMS into chat. Jennifer Stone 4/22/14
Delayed send (schedule to send an email during Business Hours) Kinsley Ojukwu 4/22/14
Add notes to nested messages Charles May 4/22/14
SMS Chat Feature Kevin Wilson 4/22/14
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