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glogg v1.0.2 released. Nicolas Bonnefon 12/22/14
Glogg can not open files larger than 5 Gb?? Jack 11/24/14
Correcting the follow/auto-refresh bug on Windows Nicolas Bonnefon 11/10/14
Feature request: Jump to line in search results Oleg Fedko 10/20/14
Feature request: bookmarks navigation Oleg Fedko 10/20/14
Feature request: excludes for search Oleg Fedko 10/20/14
Bug: Can't open file from path, that contains non-english characters Oleg Fedko 10/6/14
Feature request: support Unicode (UCS-16) files Oleg Fedko 10/6/14
Are the tests maintained or how to build them Antti Viita 10/6/14
glogg v1.0.1 released. Nicolas Bonnefon 10/1/14
Close a file if just one is open Curtis Mosters 9/4/14
Always crashing with my latest files at around 70%-80% of indexing Curtis Mosters 9/4/14
Re: glogg feature request Nicolas Bonnefon 8/29/14
glogg on Windows 7 ALWAYS asks, every time for permission Wayne Taylor 8/18/14
v1.0.0 still doesn't support Follow under Windows 7 or XP. Wayne Taylor 8/18/14
Recall: Quote# SLK4148 Wayne Taylor 8/18/14
Quote# SLK4148 Wayne Taylor 8/15/14
glogg v1.0.0 released. Nicolas Bonnefon 8/14/14
Testing glogg v0.99.1 on windows Pere Abelló 7/9/14
subscribe Serhiy Shkvyra 7/7/14
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