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1.1.1 bug with bouncy edge 5/15/17
Copy options between computers Olivier Jacquemin 5/2/17
I wish to add clear log menu option 4/27/17
Virus total is showing a trojan 4/13/17
Feature Request: sequential files 3/29/17
glogg included in the Softpedia software database Softpedia Editorial Team 3/23/17
Crash when network connection drops and a file from network is openend Thomas Konstantin 3/22/17
glogg v1.1.3 released. Nicolas Bonnefon 3/22/17
Feature request: copy-paste file to glogg Péter Talabér 3/14/17
Feature request: favorites Itay Bia 3/6/17
cannot get copy feature to work for MS Win7 SP1... stan victor 3/3/17
Support for macos 10.12 logging system? 2/11/17
Feature request: Paste directly into glogg window 2/10/17
add functionality, search in folder 1/11/17
Feature requests: export matches, status bar, line number format Fabio Chelly 1/5/17
Feature requests : export matches to file, line numbers format and status bar Fabio Chelly 1/5/17
Feature Requests: Filter to be able to show all lines not matching search, and ability to go to line John Drummond 12/15/16
Feature request: layers Michal Zubrzycki 12/12/16
glogg | Refresh not working Gerald Sagmeister 12/7/16
New installer for OSX / macOS Nicolas Bonnefon 11/8/16
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