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Glogg problem - non standard character in the path mar_art 1/5/16
Mac Version Coming Soon... Gordon McKinney 12/3/15
latest glogg on ubuntu Hawkboy 12/1/15
Mac OS X build instructions? or pre-built installer? 12/1/15
Bug: Can't open file from path, that contains non-english characters Oleg Fedko 11/13/15
glogg v1.0.3 released. Nicolas Bonnefon 11/10/15
Feature request: command line options documentation 11/3/15
Feature request: do not join glogg processes 11/3/15
Feature request: keep options near to glogg.exe 10/28/15
Where are the settings being stored? Luis Colorado 10/13/15
Whitespace in searching / filters Dan Corrin 10/4/15
glogg last version on ubuntu 10/4/15
Encoding Stanislav Sikora 9/1/15
Line Limitation Chris Umpleby 9/1/15
Maximize or resize bug Jonathan Belsewir 5/4/15
Feature request 4/24/15
Windows 1.0.2 : crashes when loading 27GB file AndrewC 4/20/15
Feature request - tail like auto refresh/follow logs 3/27/15
features request 3/27/15
features request Gilles D 2/23/15
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