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How do you block someone from joining a channel? Mihnea Sucata 1/8/14
The Board Announcement Board Ethan Lish 1/5/14
Is Glassboard Dead ? Stefano F. Rausch 12/19/13
Known Issues - POST BUGS HERE! Jenny 12/12/13
URL scheme to launch glassboard Kwab Fordjour 12/12/13
Video audio Kari Williams 12/11/13
Help tyre thomas 12/7/13
Name tyre thomas 12/3/13
iOS 7 and Notification Centre Stefano F. Rausch 10/10/13
Does not work on my iPhone Denis Kutishenko 9/30/13
Ios7 glassboard app freeze Ferdy Chen 9/26/13
Glassboard app is freezing with IOS7 Max Millian 9/26/13
Question Nicholas Weddle 8/20/13
Feature request David Barrow 7/14/13
Personal info doesn't update Sean Chen 7/1/13
Request papidice07 7/1/13
No Badge App Icons in iOS hb091666 6/18/13
I misspelled my email. Jonathon 6/15/13
Glassboard 2.0 is live! Check it out! Jenny 6/15/13
Re: Problematic Glitch Jenny 6/6/13
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