GJ Makerspace

Welcome to the Grand Junction Makerspace Project.

Our goal is to create a community work area for science, technology, and art. This community work area, called a makerspace, provides an area for geeks of various sorts to socialize and collaborate on projects.

Come help us get started!

Visit us at: http://www.gjmakerspace.org/

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15% Discount at Newark.com until July 31, 2014 Nicholas Tinney 7/10/14
Picture from the Grand Opening. Skyler Ogden 5/31/14
Grand opening and Ribbon Cutting Skyler Ogden 5/25/14
When Will We Have Info On the Grand Opening? Toby Farley 5/25/14
GJMakerspace Reboot at new GJ Incubator space Karl Castleton 5/5/14
GJ Makerspace Change of Location Daniel Stadelman 6/12/13
Project Work Time Today Daniel Stadelman 2/28/13
LED Cube Soldering 11/29/2012 @ 6pm Daniel Stadelman 11/28/12
LED Cube Soldering 11/15/2012 @ 6pm Daniel Stadelman 11/13/12
GJ Makerspace Meeting - 10/25/2012 Daniel Stadelman 10/22/12
LED Cube Soldering - 10/11/12 Daniel Stadelman 10/11/12
Makerspace logo poll! Mike Kitzman 10/10/12
LED Cube Soldering - 10/4/12 Mike Kitzman 9/30/12
LED Cube Soldering Mike Kitzman 9/24/12
LED Cube Soldering Mike Kitzman 9/13/12
LED Work Session Friday September 7, 2012 at 6pm Daniel Stadelman 9/6/12
LED Work Session Aug 24, 2012 Daniel Stadelman 8/22/12
Makerspace Awareness Project Daniel Stadelman 8/7/12
Next Meeting - July 18, 2012 Daniel Stadelman 8/3/12
Games Workshop submits DMCA takedown notices to Thingiverse Warren MacEvoy 7/25/12
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