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GitList 0.5.0 download contains 0.4.0 Dhaval Patel 9/17/15
404 not found! Simon LEDUNOIS 4/23/15
how can I add a header and footer to GitList? Jeff Thornsen 3/17/15
Folder-Structure Dominik Sigmund 2/17/15
freebsd apache24 Please, edit the config file and provide your repositories directory Frank Wiebenga 2/1/15
How to enable cloning ? Hector Gazpacho 1/20/15
Translation into French 1/1/15
Ticketing, Wiki... Like Trac? (plugins too?) panreach 12/3/14
404 when I try to open git repositories Bankole Ojo 7/24/14
Version 0.5 released! Klaus Silveira 6/29/14
Gitlist php.ini problem Pilate Pontoneli 6/25/14
Source code view is missing new line characters #254 Jon Doeson 4/25/14
User-grained access to repositories listing Fulvio Molinengo 4/1/14
Issue with index Fozter 3/23/14
diff across more than on commit Mark Keisler 12/12/13
Issue tracking with gitlist Pierrick Grasland 12/2/13
white page Gilles Bouchonneau 11/19/13
gitlist "Files" tab souce code remark garbled linda yeh 10/27/13
README files Dave Brooks 10/7/13
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