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User-grained access to repositories listing Fulvio Molinengo 4/1/14
Issue with index Fozter 3/23/14
diff across more than on commit Mark Keisler 12/12/13
Issue tracking with gitlist Pierrick Grasland 12/2/13
white page Gilles Bouchonneau 11/19/13
gitlist "Files" tab souce code remark garbled linda yeh 10/27/13
README files Dave Brooks 10/7/13
Getting a 500 after fresh install Ingwie Phoenix 10/5/13
Gitlist and Gitolite Joshua Parker 9/16/13
Help with Security Chirag Sharma 9/3/13
Oops! fatal: unable to access '/root/.config/git/config': Permission denied Mika Epstein 7/19/13
Version 0.4.0 released Klaus Silveira 6/1/13
GitList CI Server Klaus Silveira 5/5/13
Unable to use zip/tar feature Praveen Rajagopalan 4/24/13
Not able to see all the branches Praveen Rajagopalan 4/17/13
Help: git reset to certain commit Jesse Hao 4/14/13 is blank Praveen Rajagopalan 4/9/13
Continuous Integration server is up again Klaus Silveira 3/12/13
RuntimeException: fatal: Failed to resolve HEAD as a valid ref. 3/7/13
Rewrite and URL issues Mark Fraser 2/13/13
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