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7.7.2 - 7.91 source code upgrade db upgrade fails Michael Galloway 3/28/15
Runner not working greenLED 3/27/15
GitLab and Storage Gal Schlezinger 3/27/15
how to serve static files (e.g. API docs) for our gitlab users Miklós Espák 3/27/15
LDAP search error: Invalid DN Syntax Reece Webb 3/26/15
Time zone setting doesn't work with nginx/passenger Vladimir Pavlikov 3/26/15
Reject unknown/dummy user commits tombert 3/26/15
Is "Emails on push" separate from "Notifications Settings"? If so, why? Christian Walther 3/26/15
GitLab and Redmine integration, Patrik Martinsson 3/26/15
gitlab service is not running. Kali Sastha 3/25/15
Missing some push events in activity stream Pedro Salgueiro 3/24/15
CAPTCHA to registration page 3/24/15
Has anyone pulled Gitlab's logs into Logstash and the ELK stack? David Reagan 3/23/15
Integration GITLAB (Enviroment QA and Production). Wagner Rogério Garcia 3/23/15
limit user creation 3/23/15
gitlab_issue_closing_pattern not working Rodrigo Avila 3/22/15
git pull does nothing Fatemeh Makki 3/21/15
Gitlab email notifications catched in spam folder, why? 3/19/15
Setting up GitLab omnibus to use pre-existing user accounts Benjamin Flynn 3/19/15
requiring own gem in hooks Saku Ytti 3/18/15
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