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Request for a warning message Morten Toudahl 12/10/14
use "Filter" feature OData in nancy. Shivaraj Mallesh 11/25/14
gitextensions 2.48 slow with a lot of submodules jo 11/11/14
Keyboard shortcut to commit current hunk, or currently selected lines? Martin Dengler 9/25/14
The dangers of "git pull" - how to avoid in Git Extensions? OldGrantonian 9/25/14
RE: GitExtensions248Setup.msi ? Henk 9/24/14
How to get full path of file as located in the remote repository? Vineet Agrawal 9/23/14
Is there a way to edit commit comments during a git merge? Dave 9/17/14
Getting corrupt files on uploads Bonsai SRL 9/13/14
How to run scripts on a particular source file using File tree Vineet Agrawal 9/12/14
Three way merge with Beyond Compare? Michiel van Wessem 9/12/14
Is there a command log? Keith D 9/2/14
How is tests information generated? Jeffry Johnston 8/22/14
Having trouble building using VS2012 Professional Jeffry Johnston 8/21/14
Release roadmap? Dominik Rauch 8/11/14
A problem with Git Extension and Gerrit José Luis Aparicio Francés 8/8/14
Easy way to fetch --prune? Matthew Shapiro 8/8/14
Is there a way to set Git Extensions to use msys2 and not msys? White Wolf 8/6/14
Where is the optional stash message support? Всеволод Голованов 7/21/14
SetupComplete.msi, Setup.msi, LogicDaemon 7/21/14
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