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Hash (#) character on beginning commit message. Message is removed. Krzysztof Grzelak 4/17/15
UI feature: Dock a console window. Nikolai Mynkow 4/16/15
Go from local repo to github? Danielx64 4/16/15
GitExtensions slow with 100+ Submodules jo 4/8/15
Viewing all commits of a particular branch Gursimran singh 3/11/15
Clone repository from a local Linux Server Juan Sebastián Salazar 2/17/15
Git Extensions and alternatives to submodule Xispeo 2/2/15
Selecting folder for .git DrOldies 1/31/15
Portable GitExtensions jpouliezos 1/21/15
Stuck on "Checking Settings" during load Ilija Misov 12/30/14
Installation problem Gal Shimoni 12/29/14
Git bash no longer opens in project directory James Gregory 12/23/14
Request for a warning message Morten Toudahl 12/10/14
use "Filter" feature OData in nancy. Shivaraj Mallesh 11/25/14
gitextensions 2.48 slow with a lot of submodules jo 11/11/14
Keyboard shortcut to commit current hunk, or currently selected lines? Martin Dengler 9/25/14
The dangers of "git pull" - how to avoid in Git Extensions? OldGrantonian 9/25/14
RE: GitExtensions248Setup.msi ? Henk 9/24/14
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