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Custom actions in GitExtensions Maisonneuve Bertrand 11/28/16
Upgraded 2.48 to 2.49 Pull from Server gives error about not found git-credential-winstore.exe Jason Finch 11/10/16
Next Release? Phil Sandler 11/9/16
Context menu VS 2015, next version of GitExtensions 10/16/16
Free complete course on how to use Git Extensions Zaher R 9/17/16
Building 2.49 version of Git Extensions : MSB4057: The target "Rebuild" does not exist in the project. József Lázár 8/30/16
git extension error giovanni baldi 7/25/16
Git Extensions difference with git status Michał Urban 7/7/16
A problem with Git Extension and Gerrit José Luis Aparicio Francés 7/6/16
Is the VS designer used while developing Git Extensions? Randy Chapman 6/30/16
How do I get back the right-click Git Bash option in context menu? Dave Heq 5/26/16
Calamity of Switching Branch with Reset Option Checked Hassan Ebrahimi 5/26/16
Selecting sort order or hiding files depending on status in diff pane / stash dialog Zlatko Franjcic 5/12/16
An unhandled Microsoft .NET framework exception occurred in devenv.exe Viktor Briukhanov 5/10/16
Visual Studio 2015 Integration Opus Krokus 3/3/16
Application Error 2/28/16
Windows localhost Repo Clone over SSH error: "Network Error: Connection Error" Gautam Saha 2/23/16
Commit button script Chris Plottke 2/16/16
Deleting remote branches Mateusz 2/4/16
Is it possible to add red/green colors on the diff window? Koby Goldberg 1/20/16
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