Ghosts and Ballyhoo

This group was created so that interested parties can keep track of the progress of the book Ghosts and Ballyhoo: Memoirs of a Failed L.A. Music Journalist, by Thomas Wictor. It will be published by Schiffer Books, Ltd. Discussion and conversations are not necessary. Don't feel obliged to post. This group is to inform you, that's all. I'm not expecting a rollicking discussion forum, so don't feel bad if there are no responses to my posts. I'm not looking for responses. I'm going to be spending all my time writing this thing for you, so no responses would probably be better for all of us.  OKAY?!

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I GOT IT!!!!!!! secretsound5 2/21/13
So, any psycho stalkers hanging around here these days? Roadkill 1/24/13
Threads at TalkBass Roadkill 1/24/13
Unofficial Facebook Page Roadkill 9/3/12
YouTube playlist of all of Tom's recommendations Roadkill 8/30/12
Book entirely finished; all photos collected. Ghostwriter 5/23/12
All music stories collected; announcement about cover design Ghostwriter 5/23/12
Book sent to editor Ghostwriter 5/10/12
Book finished, contract signed Ghostwriter 5/9/12
Excerpts of the book Ghostwriter 4/23/12
Outline completed Ghostwriter 4/23/12
First anthology finished Ghostwriter 4/22/12
Structure of Ghosts and Ballyhoo Ghostwriter 4/19/12
It's official! Schiffer will publish! Ghostwriter 4/17/12
Made my peace with Bass Player editors Ghostwriter 4/16/12
Schiffer books mailing list Ghostwriter 4/16/12
Permission recieved from director of German Firefighter Museum Ghostwriter 4/16/12
Permission received from my brother Ghostwriter 4/15/12
Permission to use a name Ghostwriter 4/15/12
Final Ghost Confronted Ghostwriter 4/14/12
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