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Adding a horizontal line to a ggplot - y intercept scale issue Meir Yedidia 5/26/16
Error: could not find function "opts" Simon Han 5/26/16
r output in excel Abdullah-Al Mamun 5/26/16
Double legend won't go away ale 5/25/16
change how the confidence intervals of geom_smooth are calculated pietrop 5/23/16
Tukey HSD test Abdullah-Al Mamun 5/23/16
adding frequency in legend KAMALAKKANNAN SRINIVASAN 5/22/16
Problem with scatter plot martrix ba247 5/21/16
margin with element_text Mark Seeto 5/18/16
Out of Office [Re: margin with element_text] Jan Vanaverbeke 5/18/16
Out of Office [Re: ggplots2] Jan Vanaverbeke 5/15/16
ggplots2 Noor 5/15/16
GEOM_BAR (changing the order) Pradip 5/14/16
path producing continuing connection Troels Ring 5/13/16
Semi circle pie chart using coord_polar 5/13/16
Geom rect fill not working properly for dates RAJ Rohit Jalem 5/13/16
nice 3D displays for PCA analysis Bogdan Tanasa 5/13/16
Out of Office [nice 3D displays for PCA analysis] Jan Vanaverbeke 5/13/16
Looking for a few good visualizations Francois Dion 5/12/16
green hand looking for help 5/11/16
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