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how to make a "grouped" and "stacked" barplot? Zongtai Qi 12/2/16
Space on left of chart before scale starts when creating a dotchart John Kane 12/2/16
about two y-axes, one y-axis with two groups lily li 12/2/16
Need help about ggplot2 Angelo ANDRIANIAINA 12/2/16
Error in colour_ramp(colours) : could not find function "muted" Benny Guo 12/1/16
getting the height and width of the legend? 12/1/16
Customising tick labels ahmed.hafi 11/30/16
Defininig different set of colors for different variable class Shishir Basant 11/29/16
Problems with relative abundance graphs md.genmicro 11/29/16
strip.background--is it possible to change height? Xingmin Zhang 11/28/16
Re: Abridged summary of - 3 updates in 1 topic Xingmin Zhang 11/24/16
How to rotate the label like geom_text(angle=45) cqzan 11/24/16
Help with legends Casault, Benoit 11/23/16
facet_wrap error Ruben Behnke 11/21/16
What is the code for this picture. cqzan 11/19/16
grid package not present but called by ggplot2 thomas.kauffman 11/18/16
Problem with histogram bar at upper limit of x axis in polar coordinates Hefin Rhys 11/18/16
Lots of copies of the same world map in the same paper - reducing file size Zack Weinberg 11/16/16
Preventing tick label text collisions or overlap Tom 11/16/16
Two y axes with identical text Sam 11/15/16
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