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geom_bar fill order not maintained with stat='identity' 1:36 PM
Could not find geom_Point Umesh Dev 11:19 AM
geom_smooth() and theme(legend.key()) conflict with color white Zsofia S.I. 4/27/17
..n.. and ..count.. in geom_text Georg 4/21/17
contour plot (times series of water temperature data) using ggplot2 Al Kirschbaum 4/20/17
Why isn't `g_legend` part of the ggplot2 package? Stefan Høj-Edwards 4/20/17
Conditional labeling error in geom_text ! 4/13/17
geom_point isn't using data from my dataframe Mike 4/10/17
stacked bar graph order and label positioning RESC 4/10/17
geom_freqpoly shade quartiles Hkesh22 4/7/17
Re: keep customized colors with geom_polygon Brandon Hurr 4/6/17
Scatterplot with combined colour and shape according to class? Steve O'Hagan 4/6/17
Reactive input for x-axis in ggplot Riddhi Gala 4/6/17
Line plots with factor variable in x-axis Oocean 4/4/17
stat_qq confusion dpark 4/3/17
unable to load ggplot 2 Mark Dooris 4/3/17
ddply output with ggplot 3/31/17
An easier way to achieve this? Mike Lawrence 3/27/17
percentage bar chart using two variables from csv file Tom 3/25/17
prodplot and labels neuwirthe 3/24/17
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