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annotate error: Discrete value supplied to continuous scale 8/27/16
Draw 3D mesh and overlay colour points onto the mesh neilsrini 8/26/16
ggpmisc neilsrini 8/24/16
how to make a plot bakcground image (annotation_custom) fit the full height and width of the plot ? Divin Sorcier 8/23/16
Can someone explain me what does this subdivision means (ggplot2) bar_plot Cesar Ruiz 8/23/16
Plot with 2 y axes Thang Khong 8/22/16
qplot() Error: Unknown parameters: span Benny Guo 8/21/16
Error with geom_text Manuel Spínola 8/19/16
Re: Abridged summary of - 4 updates in 4 topics Nabil Saad 8/19/16
Dynamically using expression in legend labels Crump, Ron 8/18/16
plot.caption left and right margin do not modify position Alan Ault 8/15/16
format axis label lily li 8/11/16
Map draw +190 longitude Matthias Petri 8/4/16
Labeling only some data points Zack Weinberg 8/4/16
Unexpected beahviour with facet_grid Alain Guillet 8/4/16
DEA -- Extract the Frontier and ggplot2 Lorenzo Isella 8/2/16
Plot two ploygon layers, each with a different scale_fill_gradient Cody Schank 8/1/16
Single geom_point on a violin plot? Carl 7/28/16
split/discontinuous axis? Aaron Mackey 7/28/16
Changing the plot/image height in rmd Frank 7/27/16
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