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panel.border in ggplot2 ploting thicker lines in bottom and right side of the plot Geraldo Carvalho Júnior 4/16/15
Plotting two confidence bands in ggplot2 Manuel Spínola 4/13/15
plotting many lines - simplification Troels Ring 4/12/15
plotting many lines... Troels Ring 4/11/15
Extract stat_contour segments Serge-Étienne Parent 4/10/15
gall-peters projection in coord_map() vr 4/10/15
How to avoid overlapping y axis labels between facets Etienne B. Racine 4/8/15
Colour Scale Only For Overplotted Points Dario Strbenac 4/7/15
Query on a means to uses a "blink" display NEOBAT 4/7/15
Compression options in ggplot2 wade ross 4/6/15
coord_polar and output quality David Ruvolo 4/5/15
Text size to tile size ratio in geom_tile Alexander Predeus 4/4/15
how do I get rid of a double legend in ggmap? ale 4/3/15
geom_text Labels not agreeing with geom_boxplot Hinges Ryan Pugh 4/2/15
Rstudio Isaac Atienza 4/2/15
error bars not dodged FELIX Lankester 3/31/15
Workaround for geom_contour and not perfectly gridded data? Umi Hoshijima 3/30/15
Adjust vertically two ggplots 3/27/15
geom_dotplot + stat_summary: Have mean points centered on top of dot stacks? 3/26/15
combine scale_y_continuous() and scale_reverse() Paul 3/25/15
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