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[geotools/geotools] 8845ab: Adjusting H2 tests for GEOT-5197 mcr 3:53 AM
[geotools/geotools] e93bfd: Adjusting H2 tests for GEOT-5197 mcr 3:40 AM
[geotools/geotools] 4d7836: GEOT-5197 SQL syntax error in gt-jdbc-postgis Post... mcr 3:05 AM
[geotools/geotools] 8537f3: GEOT-5197 SQL syntax error in gt-jdbc-postgis Post... mcr 2:52 AM
[geotools/geotools] 289b3e: updating version numbers and README for 14-beta 8/28/15
[geotools/geotools] 1c1b4e: [GEOT-5204]: Support JAI-EXT enabled system proper... Daniele Romagnoli 8/28/15
[geotools/geotools] d3f385: Whoops, updating copyright headers aaime 8/28/15
[geotools/geotools] 5f8897: Remove log, nothing we can do without a projection... aaime 8/28/15
[geotools/geotools] f232c6: [GEOT-5205] Failure to render geographic coverage ... aaime 8/28/15
[geotools/geotools] 6e8b30: Don't make unecessary public API, add missing copy... aaime 8/28/15
[geotools/geotools] abc6b4: GEOT-5191: Use GeographicLib-Java for geodesic cal... 8/27/15
[geotools/geotools] 4e29da: Refactoring of LabelCacheImpl to manage glyph proc... 8/27/15
[geotools/geotools] 43e6c4: Be more explicit about the flag to get the image c... aaime 8/27/15
[geotools/geotools] b680bc: Avoid verbose logs when the image assert test is n... aaime 8/27/15
[geotools/geotools] 134176: Meteosat Second Generation imagery projection aaime 8/27/15
[geotools/geotools] 54680d: Make dasharray property support expressions. aaime 8/27/15
[geotools/geotools] 3b5ecf: Going back to single threaded build aaime 8/27/15
[geotools/geotools] 969dec: Fixes GEOT-5198 using createInverse to return a Pr... 8/26/15
[geotools/geotools] 56e557: [GEOT-5196] GridGeometry2D's world to grid functio... aaime 8/26/15
[geotools/geotools] bc8bad: GEOS-7152: wfs-ng geoscript compatibility 8/26/15
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