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Making the terrain completely flat 11/28/16
Wind .Winter 11/9/16
Getting rendering error on every flight 11/7/16
Account form .Winter 11/6/16
won't allow me to fly in my account 12/4/16
DC-3 rudder control 12/4/16
Hughes269a gauges 12/4/16
Game wont work, just a picture of the Earth 12/1/16
Ground zoom error 12/1/16
lag 12/1/16
Rendering Error .Winter 11/23/16
AUTOPILOT++ UNSTABLE Tuan nguyen cao 11/23/16
Chat not transmitting KLM1251 11/22/16
Chat not working after some time .Winter 11/22/16
Why, when I open GEFS every thing but the runway lights and my plane disapears? 11/21/16
Wont le me play 11/20/16
Simply won't work 11/20/16
Terrain Bug 11/19/16
Chat .Winter 11/15/16
Can't bring up any menus 11/9/16
Land Disappears Super Durp Pig 11/8/16
Nothing loads 11/8/16
Hey i cant seem to bring up navigation aircraft or options. (The menus) 11/7/16
None of the menus will load on GEFS. They show up white. 11/7/16
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