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Black Dots in the sky MinesomeMC 6:06 PM
map not working 8:17 AM
I cannot Change the control settings in GEFS 8:13 AM
How do I get GEFS working on Firefox? Dev Singh 8:09 AM
How do i clear chat??? MinesomeMC 8:03 AM
throttle isn't working 10/22/16
Rudder controls 10/15/16
bug 10/15/16
Options .Winter 10/14/16
As soon as i click fly my plane stalls and crashes Pete R 10/14/16
Laggy and update not that good. please fix 10/12/16
Sometimes I can't Control by WASD 10/12/16
floating above runway 10/12/16
Jak rozpocząć latanie? 10/12/16
Chat Scrolling Problem 10/12/16
The terrain is uneven and impossible to take-off or land on. Lachie Fuge 10/12/16
Improvements 10/12/16
VERY SLOW 10/12/16
Textures 10/12/16
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