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why does it have a whole lot of lag lines across the screen Troy Jeffries 8/21/16
Left side appears to be a wall 8/21/16
Steering 8/21/16
Landing 8/21/16
Rudder controls 8/21/16
Cannot control nose wheel & rudder with mouse controls Kitt™ 8/21/16
Helicopter autopilot issues 8/21/16
Can't Control Plane Air New Zealand 21 8/21/16
Scenery download speed Doug Williams 7/6/16
about performance and controls Lai Yuenseng 7/6/16
autopilot altitude malfunction 7/6/16
Laggy and update not that good. please fix 7/5/16
Steering Roderick Demmings Jr. 7/4/16
Multiple issues and bugs 6/22/16
It says -a 6/14/16
Plane completely uncontrollable? 6/14/16
+ and _ keys are not working on my apple MacbookAIr 6/8/16
CRASHING FREQUENTLY Arq. Ricardo Sanchez 6/1/16
Some places in the new CesiumJS on GEFS v1.1 are not loading properly Jireh Laab 5/30/16
Plug In 5/27/16
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