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NASA Space Apps Challenge Mercy Orangi 4/10/14
NASA International Space Apps Challenge Weekend Timothy Mwirabua 4/10/14
Fwd: Google Code Jam 2014 Mercy Orangi 4/3/14
AAC Challenge extended kenju254 4/2/14
Re: Web Developer(django) Prof 3/28/14
Fwd: Google Apps Integration Specialist Prof 3/26/14
Fwd: We are Hiring, Google Apps Integration Specialist Mercy Orangi 3/25/14
IDLELO Conference Mercy Orangi 3/21/14
Fwd: Get Involved in the Africa Android Challenge 2014 kenju254 3/20/14
Fwd: Registration is now open - Google Code Jam 2014 kenju254 3/12/14
Making Sense of Data kenju254 3/4/14
Fwd: Africa Android Challenge 2014 Mercy Orangi 3/3/14
Fwd: Making Sense of Data with Google [Online Course] Prof 3/2/14
CMS Africa Summit: GDG Nairobi Sponsoring 5 Members Prof 2/24/14
Fwd: DevArt: Art made with code Prof 2/20/14
Fwd: Gearing up for Open Data Day Kenya Mercy Orangi 2/19/14
INTEL - GDG Nairobi Meetup: "BUILDING APPS 101: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Mercy Orangi 2/14/14
Fwd: More about Afrimakers / for University intros Prof 1/27/14
TransMobility Hackathon @ UoN this coming Weekend Prof 1/21/14
Fwd: FW: The DSIC has evolved into Verb! Prof 1/21/14
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