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Andela Fellowship Prof 7/27/15
Fwd: Google Developer Summit - Sub Saharan Africa Prof 7/24/15
Startup Weekend Education Nairobi kenju254 7/8/15
An Invitation to Join Kazi+ Prof 6/9/15
Final day to enroll in the Android Developer Nanodegree program and receive 50% of tuition back upon graduation Prof 6/9/15
Fwd: Google is Flying 50 Nanodegree Students to the Googleplex prof 6/4/15
Job opportunities-Cellulant Kenya Mercy Orangi 5/22/15
Fwd: MEST Expands Into Kenya, Seeking Qualified Applicants Prof 5/19/15
Fwd: UX/UI Intern kenju254 5/18/15
Fwd: 'Konza at the iHub.' You are invited! Mercy Orangi 5/17/15
Fwd: Touching Base with Software Developers in Kenya - on Google APIs kenju254 5/8/15
Google Geo Data Specialist David Lemayian 5/6/15
Fwd: SAMBAZA Mercy Orangi 4/7/15
Fwd: Applications now open for the 2015 Google UX Masterclass Series Mercy Orangi 4/1/15
Fwd: Applications now open for the 2015 Google UX Masterclass Series Dominic Imbuga 3/27/15
Fwd: FW: Scholarships for ICT4D Masters at University of Manchester Mercy Orangi 3/13/15
NEWS UPDATE: Moving from @uonbi But Same Passion Prof 3/11/15
Fwd: Citi Mobile Challenge- Please share with all Developers in your network Mercy Orangi 3/9/15
Fwd: [gdg-jkuat:120] Deadline to be paired with a Mentor for Google Summer of Code kenju254 3/4/15
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