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Jambopay Hiring Python Devs Prof 3/30/18
Event:Google Cloud Next '17 Extended - Nairobi Margaret Ondeng' 5/1/17
New Update: Nairobi Tech Week 2017 Margaret Ondeng' 3/23/17
Job Posting - Maisha Meds - Android Developers Margaret Ondeng' 3/23/17
Update on Nairobi Tech Week 2017 Margaret Ondeng' 3/23/17
TensorFlow Post-Summit Event Margaret Ondeng' 2/23/17
Facebook Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge Margaret Ondeng' 2/21/17
GDG Nairobi Monthly Meetup -A Deeper Dive into Material Design Margaret Ondeng' 2/8/17
Fwd: Andela Kenya: Cohort 11 Call for Applications Mercy Orangi 10/4/16
Andela is Hiring! Prof 9/7/16
Fwd: Data Analytics Training Workshop Mercy Orangi 7/18/16
Google Inside Look Event Mercy Orangi 7/15/16
Andela Kenya - Class VIII Mercy Orangi 5/3/16
GCP NEXT Extended Nairobi 2016 kenju254 4/18/16
Andela Cohort 8: Call for Applications kenju254 4/12/16
Google Summer of Code - Applications Open! Mercy Orangi 3/18/16
Andela Kenya Fellow Class VII (All Female) Mercy Orangi 3/8/16
Fwd: Corrected** : Calling all developers, hackers and data gurus! Mercy Orangi 2/25/16
Call for Applications - Andela Mercy Orangi 1/26/16
OPPORTUNITY: Senior Software Developer (Python) David Lemayian 1/14/16
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