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[announce] Google Compute Engine and today's security disclosures Paul Nash 1/3/18
[Google Compute Engine] Update regarding the rollout schedule of changes to labels Ari Liberman 4/19/17
GCI / Container-VM Image is now Container-Optimized OS Shan Kulandaivel 3/22/17
Announcement: Upcoming Deprecation of Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) Images Shan Kulandaivel 3/17/17
Newsgroup for GCE Image Update Notifications Shan Kulandaivel 7/19/16
Compute Engine: Deprecation of Debian 7 and Backports Debian 7 Preconfigured Images Shan Kulandaivel 5/25/16
[Google Compute Engine] Changes to Windows authentication, new Windows images Google Compute Engine Team 6/3/15
[Google Compute Engine] Compute Accounts for Linux user management (alpha) gaysinsky 4/30/15
Compute Engine Logs in Cloud Logging: Launch Update Deepak Tiwari 4/7/15
[Google Compute Engine] Windows 2012R2 image (beta) gaysinsky 3/20/15
kicking off the rollout of our new Haswell servers with a new zone in Europe and upgrades in us-central1-b Google Compute Team 3/19/15
[Google Compute Engine] Some upcoming changes to our Europe region Google Compute Team 10/15/14
canceling europe-west1-a scheduled maintenance window Google Compute Team 8/10/14
[Google Compute Engine] new command line tool, bigger instances, and detailed usage reports Google Compute Engine Team 6/16/14
Google Compute Engine v1beta16 API, GCG kernel, and scratch disk EOL Google Compute Team 2/19/14
Google Compute Engine Load Balancing Outage This Past Weekend Google Compute Team 1/22/14
[Google Compute Engine] General Availability with expanded OS support, transparent maintenance, and lower prices Google Compute Team 12/3/13
[Google Compute Engine] details on VM migration and deprecated Debian/CentOS images Google Compute Team 11/13/13
[Google Compute Engine] Differential snapshots are back Google Compute Engine Team 11/6/13
[Google Compute Engine] us-central2-a going away on 12/31 and transparent scheduled maintenance coming soon to us-central1-a & b Google Compute Team 10/22/13
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