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Welcome to the Games For Change Google Group. We are a nonprofit that seeks to harness the extraordinary power of digital games to address the most pressing issues of our day. This Google Group is a place for everyone to network together and discuss topics related to social impact games.

You can use this Group as a resource for discussion, advice, networking and knowledge. Please feel free to introduce yourself and ask the community any questions you have — the more specific, the better. Postings should be centered around encouraging discussion of best practices, lessons learned, or feedback, rather than outright self-promotion. Please avoid template-like notes and customize your message to the G4C community.

For questions about this Group, how to use it or general feedback, please e-mail us at contact @
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A game to raise awareness of the water crisis, all profits to be donated to Saqib Riaz 5/16/18
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Resus Days - A Simulated Medical Code Resuscitation Game Rath Panyowat 4/25/18
Harvard Personal Genome Project - Play games to help science Celia Fulton Walden 4/24/18
Free Road to Racial Justice "Board" Game Kesa Kivel 4/24/18
Funding Aveneues for Educational Game vivek chakraverty 4/24/18
Looking for games designed specifically to influence socio-political behaviour? daniela de angeli 4/19/18
Curriculum guide now available for Walden, a game Tracy Fullerton 4/17/18
peer/mentor needed Janine berger 4/11/18
There's Now a Game That Helps Understand Machine Learning Georgii Kurgan 4/9/18
11th Annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge: BYSTANDERS Drew Crecente 4/6/18
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Top Serious Games Conferences 4/4/18
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