Welcome to the galaxy-user group, where you're welcome to discuss any issue, and ask any question, regarding the use and development of Galaxy, the cache-coherent in-memory data grid.

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Galaxy Status Tony Lofthouse 4/27/17
Make it possible for galaxy node to bind on free port Sergey Stupin 4/27/17
Galaxy for remote actors Michael 2/20/17
Is Galaxy dead? Zachary Taylor 3/30/16
Future of Galaxy Sergey Stupin 9/29/15
Quasar/Pulsar 0.4.0 Released! Also, COMSAT! pron 1/22/14
Galaxy internals pron 11/21/12
B+ Tree Matthias Broecheler 9/12/12
Galaxy and FP Brendan Loudermilk 8/26/12
The Performance Of Distributed Data-Structures Running On A "Cache-Coherent" In-Memory Data Grid pron 8/20/12