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docopt... Allen Rout 1/21/17
Hackerboxes matteroflight 1/20/17
Demo night tonight daniel.crisman 1/17/17
Call for demos this Tuesday daniel.crisman 1/16/17
Re: Digest for - 2 updates in 1 topic AllegedCaveman 1/14/17
removing bamboo membranes barbara beck 1/13/17
traditional Japanese wood joinery Randy Fischer 1/7/17
Farming on a small scale... Allen Rout 1/4/17
Vote & Board meeting tonight daniel.crisman 1/3/17
Cutting mirrors, drilling glass. Allen Rout 12/28/16
Unix Book Bundle? Daniel Crews 12/27/16
The Down town Hackerspace will be open sometime this after noon Eddie Reid 12/27/16
Merry christmas, nerds. :) Allen Rout 12/25/16
OK, there was supposed to be a message in that one. Allen Rout 12/24/16
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Lets make a human powered bike for the Kinetic Derby Liza Kholodkova 12/17/16
3d Contest for Florida students david.brightbill 12/13/16
My Christmas list Randy Fischer 12/8/16
Hackerspace voting & meetings Tuesday daniel.crisman 12/4/16
Organize Hackerspace Meeting 2 Liza Kholodkova 11/30/16
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