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Unix Book Bundle? Daniel Crews 12/6/16
Hackerspace voting & meetings Tuesday daniel.crisman 12/4/16
Organize Hackerspace Meeting 2 Liza Kholodkova 11/30/16
THROWING STUFF AWAY Deadline Dec 6 Liza Kholodkova 11/29/16
Kinetic Derby Build Joseph Floyd 11/19/16
Come Clean Hackerspace Liza Kholodkova 11/19/16
"Nation of Makers"? Daniel Crews 11/16/16
Testing out a Resin-based 3D Printer for a month. Need ideas for things to try! Christopher Hoffman 11/16/16
Hackerspace Organization Daniel Smith 11/16/16
Online courses from Udemy for $10 ending in two hrs Liza Kholodkova 11/15/16
Demo night Tuesday daniel.crisman 11/14/16
Demo night presenters for Nov 15? daniel.crisman 11/13/16
Amazon dash buttons on sale for $1 each with promo code, 3 max Randy Fischer 11/10/16
Re: Help identify parts Liza Kholodkova 11/6/16
Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Liza Kholodkova 11/6/16
Hackerspace voting & meetings Tuesday daniel.crisman 10/30/16
Please help if you can. maureenreschly 10/28/16
missing macbook charger Liza Kholodkova 10/28/16
Work table Rick Fabiani 10/25/16
Code drop from the demo night last week. Allen Rout 10/25/16
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