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Bluetooth and Arduino Issues Liza Kholodkova 8/19/17
Reminder: Special Elections for Treasurer will be Tuesday, Sept. 5th. Christopher Hoffman 8/17/17
Call for Demos for Tuesday! Christopher Hoffman 8/12/17
Powder Coat Workshop Tonight Daniel Smith 8/12/17
Say Hello to our new President, Daniel Smith! Christopher Hoffman 8/8/17
Gainesville Hackerspace Presidental Election this Tuesday @ 7pm! (8/1/2017) Christopher Hoffman 7/30/17
Lost and Found Rick Fabiani 7/26/17
Weekly Classes/Workshop Daniel Smith 7/23/17
New Hardware/Software at Hackerspace Daniel Smith 7/21/17
Botsy Liza Kholodkova 7/20/17
July 12 Liza Kholodkova 7/19/17
Become our next President! Call for candidates for presidential position! Christopher Hoffman 7/16/17
Unix odometer is about to roll over Brian Bartholomew 7/14/17
Signup for Demo Night Presentations for next Tuesday! Christopher Hoffman 7/13/17
July Board and General Body Meeting Minutes - 2017-07-11 Christopher Hoffman 7/11/17
Yard mowing Jason Monsorno 7/11/17
July General Body and Board Meetings Tomorrow (7/10/2017) Christopher Hoffman 7/10/17
Lost box of parts Eddie Reid 7/7/17
MOVED - July Board and General Body meetings moved to next week due to 4th of July Holiday Christopher Hoffman 7/4/17
free lumber - roadblock cleanup matteroflight 6/28/17
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