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OWASP Meeting July 15th - "It’s the Psychology Stupid: How Heuristics Explain Software Vulnerabilities and How Priming Can Illuminate Developer’s Blind Spots" Laura Guazzelli 7/6/15
Hackerspace campground Brian Bartholomew 7/3/15
Inexpensive 20 foot diameter dome shelter/tiny houses Brian Bartholomew 7/2/15
LineX protective spray GRB352 7/2/15
3D Printer filament GRB352 7/1/15
Car help matteroflight 6/30/15
New potential member: Sam Gregory Christian von Kleist 6/29/15
I need an assistant for the day, Monday June 29. Joe DiPietro 6/28/15
Awesome nerd machining Allen Rout 6/27/15
Eastern U.S. Makerspace Tour - Will be in Gainesville this weekend. Anyone available? caleb sheehan 6/26/15
Arduino Robot Project GRB352 6/19/15
June demo night tomorrow daniel.crisman 6/19/15
Losing the CNC mill for a while Christian von Kleist 6/18/15
GatorLUG Meeting | 2015-06-17 | 6-8pm | June Social Meeting Martin in Gainesville 6/14/15
Missing LaserDisc players Christian von Kleist 6/9/15
Blacksmith Forge? Randy Fischer 6/8/15
Meeting with voting tonight daniel.crisman 6/3/15
This weekend: The Ed Tech Hack-a-thon! Christian von Kleist 5/31/15
Missing Billet Aluminum Paul Rosenberger 5/27/15
Water on an Oil Fire in 2500 fps Christopher Hoffman 5/26/15
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