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Outage Rod McChesney 10/9/15
Increasing quotas and lifting limits Rod McChesney 12/2/14
Interested in making the data you collect more useful? Rod McChesney 2/26/14
Publish to Drive to Be Discontinued Karen from Fusion Tables Team 7/18/16
Retiring the Google Fusion Tables API v1 Karen from Fusion Tables Team 5/3/16
New and improved version of the Google Forms synchronization script Rod McChesney 3/12/14
Want to help improve Google custom maps? Rod McChesney 2/12/14
Heatmaps now available in the new look, better mobile maps Rod McChesney 11/18/13
Export map styles in KML, map legends, data validation, and more Rod McChesney 8/8/13
Try out Merge suggestions! Fusion Tables Team 10/19/12
A Free Public Data Discovery service Fusion Tables Team 9/6/12
Good stuff in the New Fusion Tables Rebecca Shapley 7/30/12
Help us make Fusion Tables better! Rebecca from Fusion Tables Team 4/5/12
A new version of the Fusion Tables web application! Rebecca Shapley 3/29/12
Find structured data more easily! Rebecca Shapley 3/27/12
Today: better spreadsheet import! Rebecca from Fusion Tables Team 12/1/11
Temporary outage for googletables-feedback email address Rebecca Shapley 10/31/11
Fall cleaning in Fusion Tables: Comments may go away. Will you miss them? Rebecca Shapley 10/21/11
A new community forum for the Fusion Tables web application Rebecca from Fusion Tables Team 10/6/11
Fusion Tables just got a little bit better! Rebecca from Fusion Tables Team 9/22/11
A few small changes in the Fusion Tables application Rebecca Shapley 8/12/11