Framework on Framework

Framework on Framework (FoF) is a framework to produce DRY Joomla!-code.


FoF was originally created by Akeeba Ltd (Nicholas Dionysopoulos), included in Joomla! CMS version 3.2+

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FOF, Joomla!, licensing: a poll as to what to do Nicholas Dionysopoulos 4/22/15
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F0F and Docker Peter Carlsson 7/21/15
Relationed models and pagination Federico Liva 7/7/15
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Opinion – Component with F0F or Hack Com_Users or another think! Igor Pereira 6/12/15
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fof.xml Relations Setup + Doubts Miguel Luís 6/2/15
2 Views - Same Model, Same Table, Same Controller Miguel Luís 6/2/15
MySQL PDO Connection conflict ramesh elamathi 5/27/15
Add (native or not) multi-language support! Miguel Luís 5/26/15
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Frontend Submit & Edit Kowshar Ahmed 5/21/15
FoF 3 Sérgio Alves 5/21/15
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