Framework on Framework

Framework on Framework (FoF) is a framework to produce DRY Joomla!-code.


FoF was originally created by Akeeba Ltd (Nicholas Dionysopoulos), included in Joomla! CMS version 3.2+

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FOF, Joomla!, licensing: a poll as to what to do Nicholas Dionysopoulos 4/22/15
on Joomla 3.7 FOF isn't working. Rifat Wahid ALIF 4:37 AM
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How to save a UserGroup list with multiple groups selected Nasos Liagos 11/18/16
How to Retrive Data from view.html.php to default.php using fof Karthik Vijayakumar 11/12/16
other component fields Andrew Thomas 10/21/16
Scaffolding question: Categories view sidebar menu Walt Sorensen aka photodude 10/20/16
Unable to get toobar to render for non data view Marco Dings 10/16/16
Backend view-error Sven Scheidler 10/14/16
Include custom library in Container Pedro Bicudo Maschio 10/9/16
How access magic field works in frontend Kawshar Ahmed 9/27/16
possible bug on FOF30 frontend save Pedro Bicudo Maschio 9/23/16
Lost in TimeZone :) Thomas PAPIN 9/19/16
Different results when using a where () vs. find() in DataModel Eduardo Diaz 9/17/16
Cannot lock a record which has not been loaded Pedro Bicudo Maschio 9/10/16
Inflector, cannot make singularize work Pedro Bicudo Maschio 9/9/16
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