Framework on Framework

Framework on Framework (FoF) is a framework to produce DRY Joomla!-code.


FoF was originally created by Akeeba Ltd (Nicholas Dionysopoulos), included in Joomla! CMS version 3.2+

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FOF, Joomla!, licensing: a poll as to what to do Nicholas Dionysopoulos 4/22/15
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COM_[my component]_[item view]_ERR_TAGS_EMPTY Walt Sorensen 12/28/15
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inline frontend editing of list view items? Paul Orwig 12/24/15
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Setting Model Limit FE Igor Pereira 12/14/15
Akeebasubs: Without support, but only a simple a question Igor Pereira 12/1/15
com_todo or another simple example component for FOF3? Paul Orwig 11/30/15
Sorting by a Table with a Relation George Wilson 11/25/15
FOF Newbie - Question about FOF/F0F/RAD current status 11/25/15
FOF and Spatial Data Martin Win 11/23/15
Model Relations from Backoffice to Frontend Miguel Luís 11/22/15
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