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Foreman 1.7.4 + salt 2014.7.5: undefined method `merge' for nil:NilClass Brian Williams 2:27 PM
Error while attempting to provision VM in VMWare salman b 6:08 AM
Foreman section 7.1 noVNC request to add info on encrpted/VNC and SPICE configurations under libvirt Hernando Garcia 6:08 AM
problem with modules on forman luchy fin 5:49 AM
cannot import puppet manifests luchy fin 5:42 AM
Register new server to Foreman Eddie Mashayev 12:39 AM
RFC: Merging Satellite translations back into upstream bk 5/1/15
Foreman 1.8 Discovered Hosts -> Provision - IP confliect on DHCP Byron Miller 5/1/15
foreman vagrant provider Joshua Hoblitt 5/1/15
Failed to create new host using non admin users Avi Tal 5/1/15
Foreman - VMware - Template Provisioning - all authorization methods failed (tried password) Eddie Mashayev 5/1/15
Foreman 1.7 + Staypuft 0.5.1 on EL6.6 error: undefined method `mac' for nil:NilClass Patrick Foreman-ML 4/30/15
Foreman 1.8.0 Puppet CA, Puppet Master fields not populating on discovered host. lawre 4/30/15
Upgrading an old instance... any gotchas? Phil Cole 4/30/15
Mac value is blank Guvenc Kazanci 4/30/15
Foreman 1.9.0 + Puppet Directory Environments Matthew Ceroni 4/30/15
Foreman 1.8.0 released Dominic Cleal 4/30/15
[katello] State of 2.2 release Eric Helms 4/29/15
[Katello 2.2 RC3] How to perform a incremental update with one Package? 4/29/15
[katello] Cannot assign puppet classes to host unless the classes are in a content view Bob Jones 4/29/15
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