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ACTION - Foreman will move from Google Groups to Discourse on 1st Jan 2018 Greg Sutcliffe 2:14 PM
Foreman/Katello upgrade to 1.16/3.5 fails on db:seed Sven Jansen 6:49 AM
celery and pulp_streamer not working in fresh install Katello 3.5 and Foreman 1.16 Mike Hulsman 1:15 AM
Errata and Content View issue Arsène Gschwind 1:09 AM
user-data script syntax error in line 86 when script has 75 lines Christian Setzer 12/9/17
export of a resource for import later or elsewhere Tom McKay 12/8/17
WebUI broken with fresh Setup of Foreman 1.16 + Katello 3.5RC Sven Jansen 12/8/17
OS not shown for windows host created with ansible and reports level have wrong log level lovi 12/8/17
Foreman Internal DB assigned ip space issue Mike Wilson 12/8/17
[foreman-announce] Katello 3.5.0 (a.k.a. Schwarzbier) is Here! Andrew Kofink 12/7/17
Upgrading 1.15.6 -> 1.16.0 causes 'no such middleware error' Tyler Gregory 12/7/17
multiple hostnames for a Puppet Master/CA Smart Proxy serving nodes on a private network Jake Rundall 12/7/17
Upgrade from 1.15.6 to 1.16 Jeff Stasko 12/7/17
Plugin. foreman_default_hostgroup. Order of precedence? BJ 12/6/17
Help need foreman-rake db:migrate issue prior to 1.16 upgrade already on 1.15.x Jeff Stasko 12/6/17
Result of a successful playbook role callback to Foreman as an error (Applied = 1 Error = 0) WebGUI 12/6/17
Running playbook role in Foreman 1.15.6 / ansible pluging 1.4.5 / ansible 2.4.1 return an error 12/6/17
Unable to join server to Katello Philippe Conway 12/5/17
Unable to install Foreman on my puppet master server. Masoom Shaikh 12/5/17
Foreman / Katello and Redhat Licensing Luke Miller 12/5/17
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