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API usage - getting Hosts in Hostgroup 4:20 AM
Foreman provision Phani Kumar 2:31 AM
Taking over plugins - do we need a policy? Greg Sutcliffe 8/15/17
Icon Feedback Roxanne Hoover 8/15/17
How to disable puppet management of DHCP/DNS/TFTP Lukas Zapletal 8/15/17
[POC] Automatic inspection of user-created provisioning templates 8/14/17
kerberos auth for the API Sergei Gerasenko 8/11/17
Jenkins will show Rails logs for all failed tests Lukas Zapletal 8/11/17
Request to join Katello Installer team in Katello Org 8/10/17
request for write-access to forklift Evgeni Golov 8/10/17
Weekly Dev/Design Meeting: Smart Capsules and Proxies. Roxanne Hoover 8/10/17
Weekly Dev/Design Meeting: Provisioning Roxanne Hoover 8/10/17
CREATE host or hostgroup with new fields Fairouz el ouazi 8/8/17
Entry level hammer issues Tomas Strachota 8/7/17
Shareable makefile and rake tasks for extracting translations in hammer Tomas Strachota 8/7/17
Aligning Foreman & Katello git repositories Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden 8/6/17
Building foreman RPM packages using docker container Bernhard Suttner 8/4/17
State of Nightlies Daniel Lobato 8/1/17
Koji planned outage - tomorrow Lukas Zapletal 8/1/17
Reminder- one week left to respond to the Pulp Community Survey Bihan Zhang 7/31/17
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