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Support for Ruby 1.9.3 and Fog gem 12:45 PM
Unable to append OS to config_template via API Ryan Dyer 12:31 PM
Issue with Bug 7743 - Please revert Ryan Dyer 11:01 AM
Discussion: anonymous stats reporting Greg Sutcliffe 7:36 AM
Integrating github with redmine Lukas Zapletal 6:01 AM
Updated Foreman slides for LinuxDAYS 2015 Lukas Zapletal 5:42 AM
Foreman Hackathon in Raanana, Israel, Oct 22nd Greg Sutcliffe 5:28 AM
Please welcome: Opensearch plugin for foreman. 5:25 AM
Updating for recent subscription scoped search changes John Mitsch 5:00 AM
Katello on Foreman: Handling Certificates Eric Helms 10/5/15
Downstream String Summary bk 10/2/15
Upcoming Rails 4 branch merge Lukas Zapletal 10/2/15
Review needed: Configuring Foreman with existing services (guide) Lukas Zapletal 10/2/15
Foreman Community Demo Items 2015-10-08 Greg Sutcliffe 10/1/15
creating a foreman plugin generator Corey Osman 9/30/15
testing katello w/ zeus Tom McKay 9/30/15
Pipeline Failure Eric Helms 9/30/15
[Katello] Easy Deployment of Test Clients Eric Helms 9/29/15
Debian armv7 and armv8 packages Dominic Cleal 9/24/15
Foreman discovery image 2.9.1 nightly build for testing Lukas Zapletal 9/24/15
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