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Is is possible to build the Flysight Viewer on Linux? Esa-Matti Suuronen 5/20/17
How Flysight calculates Skydiver Airspeed (SAS)? Esa-Matti Suuronen 10/6/16
Sample output data available anywhere Matthew Shelton 8/1/16
Flysight battery Charging lego 5/30/16
osx 10.9.5 update problems Gordon Reyburn 12/27/15
Spam Michael Cooper 12/20/15
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Help compiling latest FlySight Viewer on OS X Michael Cooper 12/4/15
FlySight viewer with map view Michael Cooper 10/28/14
A couple more changes Michael Cooper 10/19/14
Probable fix for timing and buffer overflow issues Michael Cooper 10/2/14
new battery? Hellis 6/2/14
Speech and navigation messages Michael Cooper 5/21/14
Recent development Michael Cooper 4/30/14
Indicating height of opening Kirill Taran 4/30/14
Splitting the FlySight repository Michael Cooper 2/25/14
Re: [flysight-devs:44] Digest for - 1 Message in 1 Topic Yorick 2/22/14
glide ratio trsonn 12/8/13
Beta firmware CSV file problems? Michael Cooper 10/9/13
Native file support for Dylan Tusler 9/3/13
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