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Bulk Editing Grammatical Category Zach Wellstood 6/29/16
Mercui Patricia A 6/28/16
what's the purpose of 'Whole item'? Paul Unger 6/27/16
Questionnaire Watulo Aggrey 6/25/16
Cleaning up reversal index entries Stuart Showalter 6/24/16
Source language Oumar 6/20/16
Re: entry/subentry, root-based/stem-based, major/minor entry, and publication implications Jon C 6/13/16
boxes instead of test Jakobi 6/7/16
XLingPaper version 2.29.0 released (Windows, Mac, and Linux) Andy Black 6/6/16
where to store notes Kevin Edgerton 6/4/16
filtering for messages Andreas_Joswig 6/3/16
FieldWorks 8.2.8 hotfix Beth-docs Bryson 6/3/16
Affix template for variants Daniel Wild 6/3/16
to merge or not to merge Kevin Edgerton 6/1/16
RE: [FLEx] a question about Reversals kevin_warfel 5/26/16
Re: [FLEx] Digest for flex...@googlegroups.com - 2 updates in 2 topics Dave G 5/26/16
Re: [FLEx] Digest for flex...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic Dave G 5/26/16
WeSay style interface for FLEx? Griz 5/25/16
a question about reversals kevin_warfel 5/24/16
Failure to parse Brian O'Herin 5/18/16
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