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I have improved the FLEx LibreOffice interlinear exporter Moss Doerksen 10:59 PM
Bulk edit grammatical info Daniel Krauße 2/17/18
Re: [FLEx] Digest for flex...@googlegroups.com - 3 updates in 1 topic Ffej 2/16/18
Some orthography issues Rand Valentine 2/15/18
Two languages in free translation field after ELAN import Daniel Krauße 2/14/18
A way to view changes by a certain user? Abbie K 2/13/18
Release of Phonology Assistant 3.6.4 GregT 2/8/18
Interlinear Import Failed (from ELAN) Daniel Krauße 2/8/18
Export Lexicon in format of FLEx version 6/7? John Van Way 2/6/18
Building FLexText XML for import to FLEx sarah_...@gial.edu 2/4/18
Incorporating usage into definitions Oumar 2/3/18
Line breaks between items in dictionary configuration Hljodulfr 2/2/18
One of our regional languages uses spaces as syllable boundaries. Can FLEx and Paratext be configured to handle this together? Scott Dysart 1/31/18
send/receive via USB problems Bethany Boston 1/31/18
Installation failure of flex 8.2.8A and 7.27 in window 8 system Mayank Jain 1/31/18
Crashed FLEx and recovery of data Nick Thieberger 1/31/18
Chorus Hub martin_zaske 1/31/18
Flex window minimises every time I enter a lexical or word gloss Amy Parncutt 1/31/18
Pathway 1.17.0 release GregT 1/28/18
S/R Failure due to merge failure Mike B 1/25/18
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