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Import a Reversal Index into a new project Jonathan Dailey 4/18/18
FLEx Reversal index - how to find reversal forms with multiple referenced senses? Regex? David Wilkinson 4/16/18
Dependent clauses in Text Chart Mike M 4/11/18
Add Lex. Entries and Lex. Gloss to Text Chart? kevin_warfel 4/10/18
Keyman keyboard stops working after 128 characters in a field! Jeff Heath 4/4/18
Two languages in free translation field after ELAN import Daniel Krauße 3/30/18
Release of FieldWorks 8.3.12 Ann Bush 3/29/18
modeling verb classes Brendon 3/27/18
send/receive is a bully martin_zaske 3/26/18
Non-inclusion of Gondi language in the FLEx list of the Ethnologue Mayank Jain 3/25/18
Devanagari/Hindi Keyboard for writing system Mayank Jain 3/25/18
Saving filters Jeff Heath 3/23/18
Export to ODT Leigh Betts 3/23/18
adding a Note in Texts & Words, Interlinear Texts, Analyze tab kevin_warfel 3/21/18
how to let go TE properly martin_zaske 3/19/18
Exegesis of reduplication help text karivalkama 3/19/18
Exegeting reduplication info text 2 karivalkama 3/19/18
Colour in interlinear karivalkama 3/17/18
interlinearization problem karivalkama 3/15/18
FLEx > LIFT > LexiquePro repeat David Nash 3/12/18
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