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Getting a text into .doc or .rtf format Keith Slater 6:45 AM
Manually parsing words with hyphens Craig Farrow 12:43 AM
Inflection class and inflection feature Stuart Showalter 6/30/15
DTD / schema for import of text? Nick Thieberger 6/29/15
New ELAN > FLEx issues with two vernacular writing systems Di Wdzenczny 6/29/15
cannot import records from toolbox, error message involving Phase4Output.xml Michael Galant 6/29/15
using Text Constituent Chart Template Kevin Edgerton 6/26/15
bulk edit tone Cameron and Valerie Hamm 6/23/15
Dictionary issue with each sense in a separate paragraph Yasuhiro Inukai 6/16/15
Running FLEx on WineBottler John Mansfield 6/14/15
XLingPaper version 2.27.0 released (Windows, Mac, and Linux) Andy Black 6/8/15
Formatting Interlinear texts in Word 2013 Jenni Beadle 6/5/15
help with Configure Dictionary & Styles Paul Unger 6/5/15
how to search for discontinuous words? Ellen CM 6/3/15
Re: Exporting FLEx texts to Paratext Steve White 6/1/15
Exporting FLEx texts to Paratext Meigui 5/31/15
Problems using the phonological parser Jesse K. 5/28/15
beta testers for FLExBridge needed Beth-docs Bryson 5/27/15
Send/Receive involving both multiple FLEx and multiple WeSay users kevin_warfel 5/22/15
FLEx 8.1.4 breaks Keyman 8 recognition? Chris W. 5/16/15
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