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ParaText 8 integration Bethany Boston 10:45 AM
Adding collocations Otlogetswe 9:46 AM
Non 7-Zip Error Otlogetswe 9:07 AM
LouwNida semantic domains custom list. Laurentiu Gabriel Ionescu 4/25/17
single quote marker added during Pathway export Paul Unger 4/23/17
Noun instrument / Verb of instrument relation Paul Unger 4/21/17
Dictionary-Subentry paragraph style: indent not being applied? Paul Unger 4/21/17
Is FLEx suitable for building a text corpus? Makara Sok 4/20/17
Warning about Windows version 1703 Ken Zook 4/19/17
Possible to add a custom field in Texts and Words view? kevin_warfel 4/17/17
Can interlinear line labels be customized? kevin_warfel 4/17/17
Missing trailing space Iris Rieder 4/17/17
Dictionary-vernacular style Oumar 4/17/17
Controlling languages displayed in Title preview pane of Interlinear Texts kevin_warfel 4/17/17
Is there a way to configure FLEx 8.2.9 to use particular non-latin punctuation marks for reversal entries...specifically the Burmese ၊ (U+104a) Scott Dysart 4/16/17
Classifiers Jeff Shrum 4/14/17
Pathway 1.15.4 released GregT 4/13/17
Release candidate for FieldWorks 8.3 Beth-docs Bryson 4/6/17
subentries brenda_boerger 4/6/17
How to handle verb paradigms in lexicon stephanie villard 3/31/17
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