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Is it possible to reference a Natural Class in search via Regular Expression? kevin_warfel 6/23/17
Changing the order of identical morphemes in the lexicon gerrit...@sil.org 6/23/17
Representing floating tone in the Analysis gerrit...@sil.org 6/23/17
FW 838: It is possible to have the reversals field automatically update when the gloss field is changed Scott Dysart 6/21/17
Preventing a minor entry from being created. Rik De Busser 6/20/17
Download of 7.2.7 scot...@gmail.com 6/19/17
Configuring Revesral Index in FW 8.3.8: How do we add ( ) to go around the sense number Scott Dysart 6/19/17
RE: [FLEx] FW 8.3 Line Separator no longer working. use \A Ken Zook 6/16/17
Update on Windows bug Paul Nelson 6/16/17
Upgrading from FW8.2 to FW8.3 with Send/Receive Ken Zook 6/15/17
FW 8.3 Line Separator no longer working scot...@gmail.com 6/14/17
"Insert Example" crashes FW on Win10 v1703 David Coward 6/13/17
Windows 10 update 1703 crashes in FieldWorks Paul Nelson 6/9/17
Interlinear Macros and Instructions.doc Paul Unger 6/7/17
FLEx 8.3.8: Can we have the Conflict Messages field which is available in the Entry view made available in the Entries list? Scott Dysart 6/7/17
Required/Inflection features and variants Alexandre Arkhipov 6/6/17
Morpheme breaks in Arabic script chas 6/2/17
Grammatical info in Analysis Writing Systems Diwakar Man Shrestha Nepal 6/1/17
Morphological and grammar parser Hugh Paterson 5/31/17
Writing Systems issues Ray Willett 5/31/17
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