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Lexicon data for outside researchers steve_...@sil.org 9:42 AM
Microsoft has delayed their Fall update Paul Nelson 7:40 AM
Microsoft fix for FLEx crashes now available Ken Zook 10/18/17
FLEx shuts down in Text mode Rosemary Beam de Azcona 10/18/17
Missing lexicon entries Ray Willett 10/17/17
Composed vs Decomposed Characters LSS PNG Office 10/17/17
Help with conflict report John Brownie 10/16/17
Updating from version 8.1.3 to 8.3+ Patricia A 10/16/17
reason(s) Generic/Specific lex. rel. might not display in preview pane? Paul Unger 10/16/17
Using FLEx interlinear text in Presentations Aaron Broadwell 10/13/17
'Variant' info shows up twice Paul Unger 10/12/17
Crash upon trying to open 'Texts & Words' Eve Droma 10/7/17
Important flextext from saymore Ray Willett 10/5/17
WeSay 1.6 Beta 1 released Paul Nelson 10/3/17
how to program alternative interlinear output and simple output to word kristine stenzel 9/30/17
RE: [FLEx] Digest for flex...@googlegroups.com - 9 updates in 4 topics kristine stenzel 9/30/17
Compound words and "interfixes(?)" Linguist Girl 9/29/17
FieldWorks Development Team activities Paul Nelson 9/29/17
NT Greek with Morph data? sungkhum 9/28/17
RE: [FLEx] Digest for flex...@googlegroups.com - 5 updates in 2 topics kristine stenzel 9/28/17
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