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Can we export a dictionary with two reversal indexes using Pathway Scott Dysart 8/20/17
missing Ethnologue code? Bethany Boston 8/17/17
Sentence seperators Jesse Wichers Schreur 8/16/17
Update on Windows bug Paul Nelson 8/16/17
Release of FieldWorks 8.3.9 Ann Bush 8/15/17
exporting tagging and text chart information Daniel Kaufman 8/14/17
August Update still crashes FieldWorks Paul Nelson 8/10/17
Coexisting with Windows 10 1703 Ken Zook 8/8/17
RE: [FLEx] Release of FieldWorks 8.3.9 and editing reversal entries. Ken Zook 8/4/17
Turn off writing system views in a field Hugh Paterson 8/3/17
Text Charting and Send/Receive Ken Zook 8/1/17
Etym source not showing in lexicon edit Hugh Paterson 7/31/17
Borrowing notations Hugh Paterson 7/31/17
Win10 Creators Update is downloading now even though I postponed it chas 7/31/17
.wav audio file conversion for DAB Colin Suggett 7/26/17
Command line interface for FLEx Hugh Paterson 7/25/17
Semantic domain eliciation Hugh Paterson 7/25/17
Morphosyntactic Gloss Assistant - some limitations? willie_...@sil.org 7/24/17
Arabic script font issue Jeff Heath 7/24/17
create keyboard with macron / bar-over m and n? Paul Unger 7/18/17
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