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What do you use FlatBuffers for? Wouter van Oortmerssen 5/27/16
FlatBuffers as Directed graph Maxim Zaks 5/29/16
Flatbuffers reflection for java Romain Gilles 5/25/16
Is FlatBuffers a good way to implement application-level virtualization? Kenneth Kasajian 5/23/16
Is FlatBuffers still maintained? Kenneth Kasajian 5/23/16
Design Question Nenad U 5/23/16
Protobuff to Flatbuffer conversion. Gaurav Jain 5/20/16
Why does FlatBufferBuilder.dataBuffer return a different buffer than java.nio.ByteBuffer.wrap? Diederik Greveling 5/20/16
Flatbuffer compilation error in saving internal buffer pointer as shared reference. Gaurav Jain 5/20/16
Read data while creating, before root element is written with Finish() Martin Ankerl 5/12/16
FlatBuffers: Google Dart Support. Dan Craft 4/27/16
Flatbuffer serialization for scalar fields Gaurav Jain 4/25/16
Schema generation at runtime. Davide Faconti 4/24/16
linking types between libraries Roger Alsing 4/21/16
Is anyone working on a Julia code generator? Douglas Bates 4/19/16
Can I serialize a map (essentially a vector of structs) in C++, and use it for lookup in Java? Bo Liu 4/18/16
Converter functions among flatbuffer and protobuf Gaurav Jain 4/18/16
Checking if a scalar field is truly missing (not set to default) using reflection Zarian Waheed 4/18/16
Getting custom attributes through reflection. Zarian Waheed 4/14/16
Adding ToString function to C++ flatc output Nnamdi Onyeyiri 4/13/16
Hash identifiers in buffers mikkelfj 4/13/16
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