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What do you use FlatBuffers for? Wouter van Oortmerssen 5/27/16
guidance for extending GenerateCPP agallego 6/29/16
Adding custom methods in Python Michael Armida 6/29/16
FlatBuffer object shows heavy memory usage as compared to serialized Protocol Buffer object. Gaurav Jain 6/29/16
Need help understanding the FlatBufferBuilder class in Java Ayush Verma 6/22/16
FlatBuffers as Directed graph Maxim Zaks 6/17/16
Can I use binary schemas for reducing memory usage? Denis Bakhvalov 6/17/16
Accessing a nested message's parsed schema. Abhishek Pratap Singh 6/16/16
Updating flatbuffers schema triggers updating json files. Is it possible to do automatically? Denis Bakhvalov 6/16/16
ORM like encoding/decoding for C++ BogDan Vatra 6/13/16
Flatbuffers reflection for java Romain Gilles 6/13/16
Schema compiler throwing error when JSON keys contains special characters Amar Wattamwar 6/13/16
Improve C++ output to help with templating? James Mansion 6/13/16
inner tables must be built first? Peter Lesslie 5/31/16
Is FlatBuffers a good way to implement application-level virtualization? Kenneth Kasajian 5/23/16
Is FlatBuffers still maintained? Kenneth Kasajian 5/23/16
Design Question Nenad U 5/23/16
Protobuff to Flatbuffer conversion. Gaurav Jain 5/20/16
Why does FlatBufferBuilder.dataBuffer return a different buffer than java.nio.ByteBuffer.wrap? Diederik Greveling 5/20/16
Flatbuffer compilation error in saving internal buffer pointer as shared reference. Gaurav Jain 5/20/16
Read data while creating, before root element is written with Finish() Martin Ankerl 5/12/16
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