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What do you use FlatBuffers for? Wouter van Oortmerssen 12/20/16
Benchmarks in other languages Andre 8/17/17
javascript binary data with [byte] Travis Wellman 8/11/17
Java type-safe offset referencing Travis Wellman 8/11/17
v1.7.1 tag has version 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT in the pom.xml Travis Wellman 8/10/17
FlexBuffers needs a dedicated bool type Maxim Zaks 8/10/17
Binary format mikkelfj 8/7/17
Cannot read serialized file (slice bounds out of range) Stepan Bujnak 8/7/17
FlatBuffers Language interoperability? Ethan Zhou 8/3/17
creating a flat buffer vector in javascript kfir ozer 7/26/17
Is FlatBuffers encoding deterministic? Ghadi Shayban 7/24/17
Language support with gRPC Inderpreet Singh 7/21/17
flatc web front end + api Matias Ärje 7/17/17
ID/Static content from schema Matthias Gabriel 7/7/17
FlatBuffers 1.7.0 released! Wouter van Oortmerssen 6/25/17
Discussion Round for FlexBuffers Maxim Zaks 6/20/17
Length Prefixing Thoughts Sam Paioletti 6/7/17
Question: C++03 compatibility? Ethan Zhou 6/5/17
Struct and Table inheritance in generated code? arnet...@gmail.com 5/31/17
How to safely use a nested flatbuffers? John Wiseman 5/31/17
flatcc 0.4.2 bug fix release mikkelfj 5/12/17
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