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Flapjack is a highly scalable and distributed monitoring notification system.  Would you like to know more? 

The purpose of this mailing list is to provide community support to users of flapjack. 

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Email configuration how-to? Johnson Johnson 9/1/15
Custom notification gateway Denis Bondar 8/30/15
Extending the Web UI Jonas Bergler 8/28/15
Acknowledgment mails for failing checks ignoring the tags in the notification rules Paneng Worldwide 8/26/15
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Flapjack at startup - error: no implicit conversion of String into Integer Ken Hester 8/23/15
How to install flapjack from source arn...@meetup.com 8/20/15
Flapjack + Sensu 0.16 ri...@qualica.com 8/20/15
sensu flapjack handler ignores check occurrences Paneng Worldwide 8/18/15
Flapjack not notifying on fort failure event Paneng Worldwide 8/18/15
Flapjack web design questions -> how to change table layout, fonts, etc... Stefan Szebinski 8/17/15
Webdesign questions: How to change table design, fonts, etc.? Stefan Szebinski 8/17/15
Redis goes to 100% CPU on an get /entities Dougal Scott 8/16/15
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