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Flapjack is a highly scalable and distributed monitoring notification system.  Would you like to know more? 

The purpose of this mailing list is to provide community support to users of flapjack. 

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Question Regarding Checks Contacts Entities Vikram Godbole 7/25/15
Scheduled maintenance Eric Howard 7/20/15
New entity/checks auto assignment contacts chris...@googlemail.com 7/16/15
Flapjack 1.6.0 released Jesse Reynolds 7/13/15
Check description in the alerts and the UI? George Necula 7/2/15
Custom notification gateway Denis Bondar 6/30/15
rpm for RHEL 6.x ? Ken Hester 5/28/15
Flapjack Notification Rules created automatically and overriding implicit rules Damian Lubosch 5/25/15
The rollup feature George Necula 5/24/15
Change template for email or jabber messages David Kaminsky 5/15/15
Clear Database of all data David Kaminsky 5/14/15
1.6 RC1 and Pagerduty qgri...@saymedia.com 5/13/15
Clarification for how event-notification_rule matching works George Necula 5/5/15
next maint release qgri...@saymedia.com 5/4/15
Deleting entities through API Dougal Scott 4/29/15
Advice if Flapjack is right for me. Andy Lax 4/19/15
some thoughts about the design of flapjack l...@zhihu.com 4/19/15
Schedule Donwtime all services specific node Andrei Colta 4/7/15
Sensu + Flapjack Notifications Michael Holt 4/7/15
Flapjack 1.5.0 released Jesse Reynolds 4/1/15
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