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Flapjack is a highly scalable and distributed monitoring notification system.  Would you like to know more? 

The purpose of this mailing list is to provide community support to users of flapjack. 

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some thoughts about the design of flapjack l...@zhihu.com 3/18/15
Notification rule issue Eric Howard 3/16/15
Flapjack 1.4.0 released Jesse Reynolds 3/16/15
Tagging entitity Kotowski Piotr 3/13/15
Flapjack + Sensu 0.16 ri...@qualica.com 3/12/15
Flapjack 1.3.0 released Jesse Reynolds 2/18/15
Flapjack web GUI do not show the email address Anders Rylander 2/16/15
html interpretation in details Filip Slunecko 2/5/15
Add contact button missing if not on local host Anders Rylander 2/5/15
Commercial version of flapjack? Anders Rylander 1/27/15
changes to PagerDuty credentials handling in v2 Ali Graham 1/26/15
Can I link Assimilation monitoring to Flapjack? Alan Robertson 1/26/15
Deleting a stale check/host miitak 1/26/15
Telling sensu about services/checks even if Ok? aw...@awpti.org 1/26/15
How can I get data into flapjack if I do not use Nagios or Sensu ? l...@zhihu.com 12/22/14
Syrup - A Flapjack command-line interface Geoff Hicks 12/19/14
Flapjack quickstart fails to start flapjack Anders Rylander 12/18/14
Flapjack 1.2.0 ignoring umask and creating world writable log files Barney Sowood 11/19/14
Flapjack 1.2.0 released, now with CentOS and Debian packages Jesse Reynolds 11/13/14
Tagging with Nagios-based checks Geoff Hicks 11/10/14
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