Flambe is a fast, expressive, and cross-platform engine for Flash and HTML5 games.

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Resizing of parent element that flambe is in. Dan East 7/24/15
External asset objects Dan East 7/24/15
Correct use of Entities? Ian Harrigan 7/23/15
flump and masks? Thaylin 7/22/15
How do you add additional assets folders? Jeremy McCurdy 7/22/15
Transition to new scene using Director, pausing/disabling old scene maf 7/16/15
Invalid number of type parameters antonin...@gmail.com 7/16/15
Problem with sprite rendering Emilio Shodi 7/13/15
Compatibilty with haxe 3.2 Rafael Oliveira 7/6/15
How can we get crisp sprites on mobile browsers? ehu...@gmail.com 7/6/15
Errors when using readPixels on Android du...@funtomic.com 6/30/15
Pixel Writing Bug in Safari Jon Grant 6/29/15
get "screen.width" without call "System.external" Akima 6/23/15
Is there a way to detect if a user is on a mobile browser in Flambe? jt...@cricketmoonmedia.com 6/20/15
Execution of Script actions on interruption by System.hidden maf 6/19/15
How do you bring an Entity to the top a the display list? Paul Hastings 6/16/15
Problem with director.pushScene Carolina ospina 6/16/15
Paid Job - Experienced Flambe Developer Needed jsa...@gmail.com 6/16/15
Blacklisted Devices for Sounds robin....@redspace.com 6/15/15
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