Flambe is a fast, expressive, and cross-platform engine for Flash and HTML5 games.

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Introducing FlaExporter, free for the next 7 days Bruno Garcia 6/29/16
Flambe Future Aris Kostakos 6/1/16
Compatibilty with haxe 3.2 Rafael Oliveira 5/3/16
Creating UI Akima 4/15/16
Looking to hire a part time freelance developer Bill Deakin 4/8/16
Wrong System.stage.width value koop...@gmail.com 2/12/16
Web GL crash - Context lost clz.g...@gmail.com 1/27/16
Particles drawn in World/View space? Erin Gunn 1/13/16
Errors after updating to 4.1.0 icep...@gmail.com 1/11/16
Flambe lib isn't loaded Tank 1/9/16
Start Sound at Given Position? Jon Grant 12/1/15
Flambe switch embed target for html 5 game jeff.aa...@gmail.com 11/25/15
JS camera access Tank 11/21/15
Better font/text options? mjp...@gmail.com 11/20/15
Ideas for improving performance Jon Grant 11/20/15
Moving mouse from flambe mgr...@teravisiongames.com 11/10/15
Stretch an image / texture Ian Harrigan 11/9/15
Lerp in flambe mgr...@teravisiongames.com 11/9/15
HTML5 Games crashing on Safari IOS9 Martin Parent 10/27/15
Force canvas only (no WebGL) alexandr...@gmail.com 10/16/15
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