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Firebug causes errors with Google Maps Autocomplete 6/30/14
Firefox 29+ Firebug w customizing toolbar Peter D 6/30/14
Number of request in NetPanel VS YSlow Karthik R 6/30/14
Firebug CSS Panel Misses Specificity Overwrite Strike Out for any elements with :before Zipzit 6/30/14
Firebug 2.0.1 occasionally freezes rather than reporting errors Julie 6/25/14
Firebug 2.0 on FF 30.0 mac, SOOOOOO slow. 6/24/14
Firebug shows script from another tab Jack Crawford 6/24/14
After upgrading to FF 30 und Firebug 2.0. FB is not active any more. Avenger 6/24/14
help with my accessibility extension pbale 6/24/14
Conflicting extensions with Firebug2.0 David Wickstead 6/22/14
Sidebar (right frame) for Styles disappears in "HTML"-Tab Alex Wenz 6/22/14
Script Panel and Dom Inspector Cory 6/21/14
Autocomplete doesn't work in full-view (right-side) code input area Yair Even Or 6/20/14
Lots of problems with FF30 and Firebug 2.0 (googleMaps, persistent breakpoints, unconsistent UI) odys span 6/20/14
Firebug 2.0 breaks Sencha ExtJS 6/20/14
Pop-up js help Дмитрий Каменских 6/20/14
upgrade doesn't respect my preference for button location T. Bug Reporter 6/18/14
Open / Close firebug console shortcut not working in 2.0 Jacob Raccuia 6/18/14
Latest version doesn't show the CSS Sidebar editor during element Inspection Bryce Papenbrook 6/17/14
How do I install a Firebug patch? 6/17/14
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