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Firebug UI is empty - FIXED heinrichmartin 2/9/15
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Firebug 2.0.8 Jan Honza Odvarko 2/5/15
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Firebug 3 - next generation of Firebug Jan Honza Odvarko 2/5/15
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"current website" logic does not differentiate between localhost ports Derek White 2/4/15
can't seem to paste my firebug edits into custom css (in wordpress) Tom Ashton 2/3/15
Comment out code in command line? San 2/2/15
I have this issue... Miguel Morales 2/2/15
Re: [firebug] Change speed of JavaScript and "Network" for testing? Sebastian Zartner 1/30/15
FF34 FB2.07 search fail code monk 1/29/15
Somehow, I can't edit text from the pages I inspect Pablo Santos 1/29/15
Firebug and Bootstrap 3 JavaScript conflict Yaron Guez 1/29/15
Script panel & iframes in FF36 FB2.0.7 Mahks 1/29/15
Firebug Lite Window Rex Mckanry 1/28/15
Compatibility of Firebug 2.0.7 with Firefox 36 ? alfonsoml 1/27/15
Docked firebug is blank 1/25/15
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