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new firebug is extremely awful 4/16/17
browser question Sydney Anderson 4/12/17
CSS? Sydney Anderson 4/12/17
Firefox devtools sidebar UX issue 4/4/17
How to reset firebug options in an external new firebug window in chrome? Singamon Filippochkin 3/30/17
Firebug 2.0.19 Jan Honza Odvarko 3/29/17
Firebug deprecation: what to do next Álvaro G. Vicario 3/16/17
Does the development of is stopped ? David Gomez 3/9/17
PHP server messages Pedro Bastos das Neves 3/7/17
Suggestions for Firebug gaps to be closed by the DevTools Sebastian Zartner 3/6/17
"Firebug vs. DevTools" question Alexx Lebedinsky 3/2/17
firebug problem in console tab Morteza Fard Saffari 3/1/17
New firebug is not good George 2/18/17
New firebug is too bad Himansu Patel 2/18/17
Don't like the new integration jonathan maderer 2/18/17
Firebug console is blank; DevTools console text is orange San 2/17/17
FontSize control in Firebug3? pdev 2/17/17
xPath 2.0 functions in FirePath 2/15/17
Firebug 2.0.18 'Inspect element with firebug' broken? Michael Chaplin 2/14/17
Inspect Element Broken Matt Vincik 2/14/17
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