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Measure and save network performance. Andrew Goudey 4/12/15
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CSS declaration "stack" issues jorelemondos 4/10/15
No output HAR file Zhenyu Zhou 4/10/15
Firebug3 - not honoring 'netexport.pageLoadedTimeout' config Senthil 4/10/15
How to react to entries being added to the profiler? Peter Boughton 4/9/15
Firefox 36 crashes while debugging JS with FireBug 2.0.8 Owen 4/9/15
firebug not activated on chrome in a macbook cause of security reasons Vani Bharathan 4/9/15
Firebug 2.0.9 Jan Honza Odvarko 4/9/15
// Firebug stopped stopping in breakpoints in code of events handlers !!! // RickT 4/4/15
Firebug not displaying .scss file links kajela 4/2/15
How to live edit inline styles with firebug? Doug Cassidy 4/2/15
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