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Console.log on FF Nighly (51.0a1) and Firebug (2.0.17) Olivier Varrot 8/24/16
Add Inline CSS to Element Sagar Bartakke 8/8/16
aXe DevTools w/ Firebug Dan Swift 8/8/16
Firebug functionality problem - No HTML element highlighting when hovering over Firebug diagnostic elements Luke Douglas 8/4/16
HTTP Archive in FF48 8/4/16
not open my firebug in chrome Mario Jorge Loiacono 8/1/16
Firebug not working Rahul Pawar 8/1/16
Suggestions for Firebug gaps to be closed by the DevTools Sebastian Zartner 7/22/16
Firebug for Firefox with e10s and Servo? Ilya Indigo 7/19/16
Network throtteling option? Miles Bennell 7/19/16
uninstall firebug Lawrence Farrell 7/12/16
Firebug 2.0.17: Why does cookies panel show different attributes for cookies to the network panel Peter Row 7/6/16
Firebug 2.0.17 Jan Honza Odvarko 6/27/16
Firebug New Release tab sticking Ken Dawes 6/22/16
HTML, CSS Panel modification. KSatti 6/22/16
New FirePHP and FireBug User, Nothing Showing Up in Console 6/19/16
Now only see "Other" group under under HTML "Computed" tab 6/19/16
Firebug 3.0 and Firefox 46 6/15/16
FB 3 identifies javascript differently Erik Krause 6/14/16
Unifying Firebug & Firefox DevTools Jan Honza Odvarko 6/8/16
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