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Suppress SHA-1 Certificate message? 1:51 AM
Persist ""? San 6/1/15
Firebug 2.0.10 Jan Honza Odvarko 6/1/15
Issue with Net tab data suman kumar 5/29/15
inspect DOM>document.cookies firebug 2.9 shows only " " sign but i can see the PHPSESSID and _ga etc from the cookies panel nifkuzyaire nazrul 5/28/15
HAR & Firefox Developer Tools Jan Honza Odvarko 5/28/15
Firebug Display Search Engine Keyword Suggestions Aaron Esteban 5/23/15
Events tab in firebug 2.0.9 on firefox 38.0.1 Giovanni Panariello 5/22/15
How to add a new CSS statement on top of an existing CSS in Firebug? Just temp. to try it out? Ben 5/22/15
Firebug 3 - next generation of Firebug Jan Honza Odvarko 5/21/15
Validator returns 403 Forbidden etc David Tostig 5/21/15
Can't see FirePHP icon when I open Firebug? Sean Driscoll 5/19/15
Debugging control buttons disabled upon encountering a breakpoint Borek Lupoměský 5/19/15
can't find the file to edit Ken 5/17/15
2.0+ : still sucks Guenter NobodyElse 5/16/15
When firebug is running from my code base, where does the errors in firebug code show up? Baskar Gopalakrishnan 5/16/15
how to save changes made by firebug permanently "not local" Toms gateway 5/11/15
Filter large stack trace to "important" calls (e.g., leave out jquery)? David 5/11/15
Firebug 3 extensions, migrate extension from FB2 to FB3 C. Kitchin 5/11/15
conditional breakpoints still working after being removed (Firebug 2.0.9, FF 37.0.2) Trian Karayiannis 5/10/15
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