FGNA Conference Connections

Welcome to our google group, FGNA Conference Connections.
This is a place to self organize!

Looking for someone to share a ride to the conference?
Use this group forum to connect with other conference registrants.

As you browse messages, double-check the posting date. This group was utilized in previous years as well.

Please note this is an open, self-organizing group. Anyone can read posted messages, so I do not recommend you post private contact details on the group forum. To post your own message, sign in to Google and become a member of the group.

See you at Conference!!!

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Airports near Asheville North Carolina example post create your own 3/16/16
2016 Feldenkrais Method® Conference will be held in Asheville, North Carolina on the beautiful UNCA campus example post create your own 1/11/16
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I have 2 rooms in a home available for the conference. Dana Verkouteren 8/25/14
Food trucks near the hotel for lunch options Thu-Sat. FGNA Conference Connections 8/22/14
Looking for a roommate Wednesday to Saturday Alan Fraser 8/19/14
Female looking for female roomate for Wed - Sunday. Email me aprim...@gmail.com (Arona) Arona Primalani 8/19/14
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Your customized mobile event guide for Conference! FGNA Conference Connections 8/15/14
Parking procedure at the Conference hotel FGNA Conference Connections 8/15/14
Do you know about the free airport shuttle service from Washington National Airport (DCA) ? FGNA Conference Connections 8/15/14
Re: RIIMATE WANTED FOR ENTIRE CONFERENCE...<joh...@optonline.net Chrish Kresge 8/1/14
Looking for a female roommate entire conference Lindy Ost 7/23/14
lookingforaroommate Heidi McGovern 7/5/14
Lookingforroommate Heidi McGovern 7/5/14
Coming to Conference? How to get around the area without a car... with ease! FGNA Conference Connections 7/1/14
Illy coffeee and italian food right insidde the hotel example post create your own 6/20/14
Restaurants and grocery stores near the Conference hotel, Renaissance Arlington Capital View FGNA Conference Connections 6/16/14
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