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Changing the Title of My Podcast as It Appears in iTunes Jesus at 2AM 4/17/14
Feedburner not making media enclosures jonathan arnold 4/16/14
Older episodes disappearing from Feedburner and iTunes T. B. Geller 4/14/14
Older episodes disappearing from Feedburner Friendship Podcast 4/11/14
Podcast Name Wrong Cindy Jones Lantier 4/7/14
Feedburner Not Updated With New Content Sebastian C. 4/4/14
Feedburner - Trying to get podcast description and art to show on itunes Ken 3/30/14
Please Help! Feedburner "Play Now" icon not showing, podcast not updating on iTunes Noah P 3/26/14
how do I change a podcast to a normal feed - I checked the podcast field by accident... Patricia Dudeck 3/26/14
Itunes not accepting Feedburner Adulis "Chedo" Mokanan 3/16/14
Podcast owner change hedera 3/12/14
episodes not playing on i tunes ProFitness Ireland 3/6/14
http://libertagia.com/louard mohamed louard 3/6/14
Best Sitees Vijay Gehlot 2/27/14
Subscribe to podcast... you have no episodes!? Chatter Gories 2/25/14
Code 8230 in iTunes Lars Olav Gjøra 2/19/14
Feed validation problem: url must be a full URL D-RO 2/18/14
Individual episode information on iTunes James David Patrick 2/11/14
My podcast plays well except through feedburner links Don Hawkins 2/7/14
Using Drive and Feedburner to try and host a podcast but iTunes is not accepting it. Could anyone help me with this? Brian Welzbacher 2/7/14
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