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Image Walden Hughes 9/26/17
Is it possible to manually edit FeedBurner XML source? jeisele 9/13/17
changing podcast channel description for iTunes Benedict Jones 9/1/17
Description Limit on Feedburner? Tyler Dakin 9/1/17
Podcast Feed not updating to iTunes or Stitcher/Windows Service TheDaytripperTV 8/22/17
iTunes podcast cuts off about 20 seconds too soon John Flanagan 8/8/17
feed won't validate in podcast connect (iTunes) MythTake 8/8/17
Changing category of podcast so it shows in iTunes Megan Luscombe 7/25/17
Using Feedburner with Blogger for Itunes Varol 7/22/17
Can't figure out how to change my podcast name Tyler Bennett 7/12/17
iTunes duration cfalken 7/8/17
Not all of my podcasts show up in iTunes Karen Dunham 6/28/17
Can't resynch to updated xml feed Cheap Astronomy 6/21/17
Feedburner shows only the last 12 episodes R. Scott Clark 6/5/17
Older episodes disappearing from Feedburner and iTunes T. B. Geller 6/5/17
Lost access to FeedBurner http://feeds.feedburner.com/geekscape Jonathan London 6/3/17
Subscriber count not adding up? (unknown) 5/15/17
Feedburner only recognizes one episode Joel Mark Harris 4/29/17
Itunes only shows one last episode Nikolay Chilikov 4/29/17
iTunes Only Shows Last 100 Episodes of Podcast Marcus Parks 4/29/17
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