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Podcast Logo won't be updated on iTunes (unknown) 4/15/18
My subtitle is showing up the same as my title with mp3 at the end. Mandy Redding 4/3/18
URGENT - can't get image into smartcast Samsara 3/15/18
Podcast constantly "Processing" on Google Play Anthony Mancuso 3/15/18
Podcast Feed not updating to iTunes or Stitcher/Windows Service TheDaytripperTV 1/18/18
Multiple Feeds HKT Products Ltd 12/20/17
Apple Podcast says "Unknown" as author Erin Murphy 12/16/17
How can I change the language tag? Robert Orzanna 12/13/17
Trying to Change URL to dropbox feed Kyle 12/7/17
How to remove powerpress image from my feed? Susan B 12/6/17
podcast image won't update Taapsi Ramchandani 11/25/17
Artwork not updating except when changing feed link David Harrison 11/21/17
Image Walden Hughes 10/29/17
E-Book Copywriting... Wagno guimaraes 10/22/17
Is it possible to manually edit FeedBurner XML source? jeisele 9/13/17
changing podcast channel description for iTunes Benedict Jones 9/1/17
Description Limit on Feedburner? Tyler Dakin 9/1/17
iTunes podcast cuts off about 20 seconds too soon John Flanagan 8/8/17
feed won't validate in podcast connect (iTunes) MythTake 8/8/17
Changing category of podcast so it shows in iTunes Megan Luscombe 7/25/17
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