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How to Entice CMake or Extempore to find MacPorts glib? Neil 2:50 PM
new troubles with making an instrument Fabien 7:55 AM
Mutable global xtlang variables Dr Offig 11/29/15
"eval: unbound variable: beat" when running a tutorial example. Dylan Evans 11/29/15
portmidi weirdness Jason Levine 11/28/15
MacPorts libglfw.3.dylib not named as extempore expects Neil 11/28/15
(*metro* 'driving-me crazy) Jason Levine 11/27/15
Mini-Project: C++11-ifying the Codebase florian wagner 11/27/15
little troubles with the DSP basics part 1 doc Fabien 11/26/15
compile to standalone binary Jason Levine 11/24/15
spectrogram example Jason Levine 11/23/15
Dates in extempore Dr Offig 11/19/15
New Release 0.6.0 digego 11/19/15
live streaming Florian Faust 11/13/15
Soothing background soundscape Dr Offig 11/7/15
Extempore with windows 7 : were is the rtmidilib.dll Roberto Arletti 11/4/15
Jason Levine Livecoding MEGAUPDATE! Jason Levine 11/3/15
IRC digego 10/2/15
sound engine crashing with high notes Michele Pasin 10/2/15
Fullscreen headaches on OSX Dr Offig 9/24/15
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