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After installation: Could not locate file: init.xtm Johannes Keller 7/26/16
Github pull request Tim Roberts 7/23/16
A very basic scene graph library Johannes Kroll 7/11/16
data -> extempore Jason Levine 7/1/16
Extempore instantly crashes on Windows 10 (64-bit) beatthe...@gmail.com 6/21/16
Performance on Ubuntu 16.04 Paul 6/16/16
Help building from source on Ubuntu 16.04 Paul 6/13/16
Struggling to set up extempore along with emacs. Jacques Kovacs 5/31/16
HPC, unums and xtlang Robert Herman 5/18/16
I think I'm overwriting something that I shouldn't. 'while' in xtlang? Tim Roberts 5/8/16
Code Contribution digego 5/4/16
Selecting audio devices by name Tim Roberts 5/4/16
Extempore 0.7 release Ben Swift 4/29/16
Dealing with structs (not pointer-to-struct) in C-libraries Dr Offig 4/25/16
Fwd: Memory allocation for global ptr Ben Swift 4/21/16
Evaluating a file from within a file? Tim Roberts 4/20/16
Awesome! amindfv 4/19/16
xtlang metro Tyler Schicke 4/18/16
xtlang temporal recursion question Tim Roberts 4/18/16
build process update Ben Swift 4/11/16
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