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Performance issue Fabien 1/13/18
Multichannel Sampler? Jason Levine 1/11/18
dotimes and doloop Cian O'Connor 1/10/18
Velocity <-> Amplitude Jason Levine 1/2/18
Porting project from C++ Jason Levine 12/31/17
Increasing bank size of sampler Jason Levine 12/28/17
API Docs for Extempore Cian O'Connor 12/11/17
Building an instrument Fabien 11/27/17
Wow - the binary distribution is awesome Kashyap CK 11/27/17
Difficulties in compiling some libraries Fabien 11/26/17
SND in 'From Scratch audio DSP' video Cian O'Connor 11/24/17
Extempore slack channnel ben 11/16/17
Linux environment for Extempore Anton Gerasimov 11/4/17
OSC Thread safety Dr Offig 10/28/17
Let statements and Extempore's Scheme Cian O'Connor 10/27/17
XTLang vs Modular digego 10/21/17
XtLang questions Cian O'Connor 10/20/17
Plain and simple CLI for extempore Uno 10/19/17
win32 build digego 10/16/17
Problem running extempore on unbunu 16.04 - Error binding extempore address to socket John Hutchinson 10/8/17
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