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Cannot compile Extempore on Ubuntu 15.04 Eric Buist 7/2/15
Cannot compile instruments_ext.xtm on OSX Anderson Vitous 6/30/15
Docker image to stream Extempore through HTTP s. rannou 6/24/15
Compiler Error s meng 6/20/15
Live-coding Fratres Circu Virtu 6/4/15
Moving from impromptu, play-note, AUs to Extempore, rtmidi(?) and what? Paul Fisher 6/1/15
International Conference on Live Coding, 13-15 July, Registration open yaxu 5/31/15
scheme'n'bass Jason Levine 5/25/15
Problem Building Standard Library Colin Uhen 5/23/15
macros and memory Jason Levine 5/21/15
What does the LLVM patch do? Gulshan Singh 5/21/15
How to load the Salamander piano samples? Gulshan Singh 5/18/15
Live-Coding with Extempore: "A Study in Pärt" revisited Circu Virtu 5/17/15
Extempore and ableton live Agustin Ciro Alonzo 5/16/15
Live-Coding with Extempore: "A Study in Keith" revisited Circu Virtu 5/13/15
extempore "album" Jason Levine 5/11/15
(sys:load "libs/core/instruments.xtm") takes too long on my mac Kashyap CK 4/27/15
Compiler errors and crashes on RaspberryPi 2 Kyle Summers 4/21/15
float* manipulation issue Garett Shulman 4/16/15
Extempore doesn't like my long string Mook 4/15/15
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