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You’ve found your way to the Google group for Eventbrite API support. This group is the best way to get help, make feature requests, and report bugs regarding our API. Our developers and support specialist regularly contribute to this group so you’ll have access to the collective knowledge of our community of developers as well as our internal team.

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Important Changes Coming September 2017 Malina Wiesen 8/25/17
Eventbrite API Client Libraries / API Wrappers Mitch Colleran 5/8/17
Creating/Updating Events, Ticket Classes, Organizers, and Venues is now available in V3 API (& an early heads-up on upcoming V1 deprecation news) Mitch Colleran 2/20/17
Deprecated Query Parameters. Eventbrite API 1/9/17
Announcing an 'expansion' framework to speed up API responses (potential breaking change might require a new parameter) - To be released May 13th Mitch Colleran 4/21/15
[November 2017] Discount API Release Changes Hernán Cussi 12/15/17
Endpoint for Email Invitations Response Lam 12/14/17
Upload to S3 not working, documentation unclear mi...@generalpie.com 12/12/17
Integration from Eventbrite to Drip doesn't provide the event start date. David Ortiz 12/12/17
Remove attendee via API mmacka...@gmail.com 12/12/17
Eventbrite endpoint for /events/:id/publish returns "POST method not allowed for the requested resource" error justin...@gmail.com 12/10/17
Add a picture to an event via the eventbrite API ? Philippe Oursel 12/7/17
Read only personal token James Gorrie 12/5/17
API for Sales orçun otacıoğlu 12/4/17
Making it SUPER EASY don.sc...@gmail.com 12/4/17
Ticket invalidation/transfer using the API Denis Mysenko 12/4/17
Eventbrite order tickets via API Borza Adrian 11/30/17
Event ownership echoing.wav...@gmail.com 11/28/17
Getting past and present events Anton Forsberg 11/26/17
Event Image URL query ja...@justgiving.com 11/22/17
I can see others orders appco...@gmail.com 11/22/17
date_modified range doesn't match with changed date joss...@bemyapp.com 11/22/17
What is the best way to get a sample development account up and running? Rod Jacka 11/22/17
Checkin In API Augustine Correa 11/22/17
Getting an error 404 in webhook request. madhusu...@radical.co.in 11/21/17
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