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Announcing an 'expansion' framework to speed up API responses (potential breaking change might require a new parameter) - To be released May 13th Mitch Colleran 4/21/15
Creating/Updating Events, Ticket Classes, Organizers, and Venues is now available in V3 API (& an early heads-up on upcoming V1 deprecation news) Mitch Colleran 3/30/15
Eventbrite API Client Libraries / API Wrappers Mitch Colleran 2/13/15
Webhooks! Enable real-time syncing between your app and Eventbrite. Mitch Colleran 2/3/15
subcategory_id not saving when passed to API ad...@choicecareerfairs.com 5/1/15
Event Ticket Class - 400 Error on Create Cris Francisco 5/1/15
Retrieving a list of the events I have signed up for Terry Carr 4/30/15
Documentation Typo - Ticket Classes Cris Francisco 4/30/15
Html to jspn response Oleksandr Khavdiy 4/30/15
OAuth2 ref parameter? Michael Herold 4/30/15
Users seems to only own a venue after manual edit Glenn De Backer 4/30/15
app example? Branded Bandit 4/28/15
Add custom_header to event via API Borza Adrian 4/23/15
Send email invitations for a private event Borza Adrian 4/23/15
How to retrieve User Owned Events Data for all organizers that belong to a user Riccardo Pisano 4/22/15
Create venue v3 API - venue.address.region error Ilenia 4/22/15
oAuth redirect URI and custom URI scheme Jay Caines-Gooby 4/22/15
Delete event (V3) Borza Adrian 4/22/15
event_search needs a whole word Oleksandr Khavdiy 4/22/15
Event repeating or not? Paras Wadehra 4/21/15
Sorting Events by State Lisa Drew 4/21/15
Buy ticket in Eventbrite and become a member in site Ieva 4/21/15
Eventbrite API create private event Borza Adrian 4/20/15
V3 Beginner Question- Making requests from Javascript Lucas Salvatore 4/18/15
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