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You’ve found your way to the Google group for Eventbrite API support. This group is the best way to get help, make feature requests, and report bugs regarding our API. Our developers and support specialist regularly contribute to this group so you’ll have access to the collective knowledge of our community of developers as well as our internal team.

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Eventbrite API Client Libraries / API Wrappers Mitch Colleran 5/8/17
Creating/Updating Events, Ticket Classes, Organizers, and Venues is now available in V3 API (& an early heads-up on upcoming V1 deprecation news) Mitch Colleran 2/20/17
Deprecated Query Parameters. Eventbrite API 1/9/17
Announcing an 'expansion' framework to speed up API responses (potential breaking change might require a new parameter) - To be released May 13th Mitch Colleran 4/21/15
"Share" events with Sub-User accounts via API? Chuck Polaris 7/17/17
Eventbrite Question Parent Choice ID Error ss...@nyu.edu 7/17/17
Anyway to change Collection Type under the Order Form section using the API? Brad Huyck 7/13/17
Changing payment processor using API? Brad Huyck 7/13/17
Is it possible to create a sub question? Robert Noack 7/13/17
Change Event Type & Language using API? Brad Huyck 7/12/17
How to change the default for collection of attendee info via the API cjl 7/12/17
Unable to create event using API sultan26 7/11/17
price details aneela saleem 7/11/17
Using "Tags" in eventbrite API Chuck B 7/7/17
Transferring blockquotes to event description reverts template style? ss...@nyu.edu 7/6/17
Copying an event via API? ss...@nyu.edu 7/1/17
OAuth 2.0 Authorization: Eventbrite server puts a 64-character limit on "state" parameter value Robin Howlett 6/30/17
Read only personal token James Gorrie 6/30/17
How to get eventbrite access token returned with response? sultan26 6/30/17
Always getting "code is invalid or expired" response. sultan26 6/30/17
latitude longitude city country in response of search events | Search on based on city/country aneela saleem 6/28/17
EventBrite orders hema....@news.co.uk 6/27/17
Can't make events live fre...@fishermenlabs.com 6/27/17
Creating an Event from your website via API Eddy 6/26/17
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