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Eventbrite API Client Libraries / API Wrappers Mitch Colleran 9/24/15
Announcing an 'expansion' framework to speed up API responses (potential breaking change might require a new parameter) - To be released May 13th Mitch Colleran 4/21/15
Creating/Updating Events, Ticket Classes, Organizers, and Venues is now available in V3 API (& an early heads-up on upcoming V1 deprecation news) Mitch Colleran 3/30/15
Webhooks! Enable real-time syncing between your app and Eventbrite. Mitch Colleran 2/3/15
▶천안오피 강남오피う▷【 opclub11。COM 】◁っ오피클럽 jmin...@gmail.com 11/25/15
Delete all test events cjl 11/25/15
users/me/venues does not return all user venues cjl 11/24/15
Single webhook for all events Steve Robinson 11/12/15
How to find webhook that relates to a particular event? Guus der Kinderen 11/12/15
[DOC] Please add documentation on how to request other pages in a paginated response. Guus der Kinderen 11/12/15
Multiple showstopper API issues John Markhoff 11/12/15
[BUG] Adding and removing webhooks can stop callbacks from being made to a remaining webhook. Guus der Kinderen 11/12/15
[BUG] Webhook creation fails when URL contains port number. Guus der Kinderen 11/12/15
Venue creation issues Guus der Kinderen 11/12/15
Order payment details Adam 11/10/15
Really struggling with URL in the API Joe Gardham 11/10/15
Need help with pagination Robert Hillman 11/9/15
First of the new API endpoints have been released Eventbrite API 11/7/15
Any chance we will get an organizer search? cjl 11/2/15
Slow response user_list_events Oriol Ferràndez Grau 11/2/15
How to delete an event logo? Guus der Kinderen 10/29/15
Verify Membership William Richards 10/28/15
Media upload appears to use a hard-coded JPG file extension Guus der Kinderen 10/28/15
Additional Items via API call Barney Blackhurst 10/28/15
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