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You’ve found your way to the Google group for Eventbrite API support. This group is the best way to get help, make feature requests, and report bugs regarding our API. Our developers and support specialist regularly contribute to this group so you’ll have access to the collective knowledge of our community of developers as well as our internal team. If you do find yourself with such an obscure or specific problem that you think no other person would benefit from seeing solved, feel free to contact us directly at api@eventbrite.com.

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Eventbrite API Client Libraries / API Wrappers Mitch Colleran 6/27/16
Announcing an 'expansion' framework to speed up API responses (potential breaking change might require a new parameter) - To be released May 13th Mitch Colleran 4/21/15
Creating/Updating Events, Ticket Classes, Organizers, and Venues is now available in V3 API (& an early heads-up on upcoming V1 deprecation news) Mitch Colleran 3/30/15
Retrieve data for new attendees only. Chris Ball 2:41 PM
eventbrite restapi endpoint discovery Arathi 8/30/16
Event Search API pagination Object returning "object_count" and "page_count" Zero. Earlier it was returning some int values for pagination. Ankur Macwan 8/30/16
pagination object issue KrazeeKoder 8/29/16
Attendees not returned if they successfully register after event start date. neel...@gmail.com 8/29/16
WordPress API Sophia Apostol 8/29/16
Coupon endpoint m.frig...@gmail.com 8/29/16
Webhook for attendee events throwing errors Ajay krishnan 8/26/16
Creating tickets for an existing event using v3 of the API mikein...@gmail.com 8/25/16
canned_questions POST... undocumented feature? jillrya...@gmail.com 8/25/16
embedding link jdshaf...@gmail.com 8/24/16
Receiving payouts via api jillrya...@gmail.com 8/24/16
Creating Custom Questions Via The API carl.diesing 8/23/16
No links under developer weba...@thinkchangegrow.com 8/23/16
Tracking conversion through eventbrite API > Google Analytics Ilya Lovell 8/23/16
Clarity on Attendee's statuses m.frig...@gmail.com 8/22/16
Check In Attendee / Ticket Status Scott Cate 8/15/16
Retrieving the "Ticket Buyer Info" via the API? Ringo De Smet 8/15/16
Using the EventBrite API. Possible to store my event_id (native to my app) as field in Eventbrite so that when I GET data, I can use it to merge data whi...@iorahealth.com 8/15/16
CellPhone Number Validation Pulkit Arora 8/13/16
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