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Please read: Devel branch merged! Griatch Art 11:10 AM
Who wants to make a game but doesn't want to take on the whole project solo? George 2/27/15
New year Devel branch updates (proxy-typeclasses and Evennia-library package) Griatch Art 2/26/15
Evennia on VM / TinyCore / Raspberry Pi / QEMU ? Tristano Ajmone 2/25/15
Is it possible to use sqlite in memory to improve performace lee philip 2/24/15
Become an Evennia patron! Griatch Art 2/23/15
HELP: Integrating PolyGen (random-text gen) into Evennia ... possible? Tristano Ajmone 2/19/15
Evennia on Win7 64 bits : How I got stuck, and How I managed to solve the problem! Tristano Ajmone 2/18/15
Evennia Portable/Stand Alone Setup in Windows... Tristano Ajmone 2/18/15
How to add models in devel? Yijun Lu 2/8/15
Suppressing commands Marcus Bell 2/6/15
idmapper cache, dynamic wilderness, and memory use George 2/5/15
Integrating my commands with default commands Marcus Bell 2/5/15
god_player.db._playable_characters has no attribute 'append' Marcus Bell 2/4/15
Cannot create game with Devel Yijun Lu 2/1/15
Blank commands Shan Hollen 1/28/15
Imaginary Realities ezine vol 7, issue 1 is out! Griatch Art 1/25/15
A Chinese demo game of Evennia. Yijun Lu 1/23/15
Changing 'here' and 'me' Daniel Benoy 1/20/15
Type Ahead Lines Jace 1/20/15
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