Erlang epgsql Postgres driver use and development

Hi, this is the discussion list for the epgsql Erlang Postgres driver, hosted here:

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pgapp db up/down hooks? David Welton 5/24/16
How about release 3.2.0? Sergey Prokhorov 5/4/16
Array Contains (@>) Operation Sougat Chakraborty 3/18/16
Accessing multiple cursors from different erlang processes 3/9/16
Cannot run epgsql Pavanan M S 1/26/16
Open pull requests David Welton 10/20/15
epgsql help David Welton 10/16/15
Are there plans to support the jsonb type? Werner Buchert 10/16/15
Re: epgsql question David Welton 8/18/15
Connections, and DB locking? Pablo Meier 7/2/15
Helper function - "proplistize" David Welton 4/23/15
Release 3.1.0 ? David Welton 3/10/15
export sql_query type? David Welton 3/6/15
Random idea: epgsql + all the extras David Welton 2/27/15
How to add dynamic types? Alex Druzhilov 2/17/15
Release 2.0.0 ? David Welton 2/4/15
New release schedule? Sergey Prokhorov 1/26/15
connection timeout test David Welton 1/26/15
Self-contained test enviroment David Welton 1/26/15
update_cache and epgsqla David Welton 1/21/15
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