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Welcome to Elm Discuss! This list exists to discuss anything Elm related, from beginner questions to compiler design.

Please be respectful to everyone! You have something to learn from all posters, so be kind and try to understand and learn from everyone's viewpoint.

Also, keep an eye out for the XY problem which can be really common when learning a new language!

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Making new Cmds Wil C 12:44 AM
Elm 0.16 access Mark Hamburg 12:06 AM
what's the preferred way to implement the submit mentioned in elm guide? 大魔头 5/24/16
Static Tzpe Checking in Elm vs Java John Orford 5/24/16
program crashes when standalone but not within elm-reactor Fernando Alegre 5/24/16
interesting article Stefan Houtzager 5/24/16
Integer / String Input in HTML Herwig Habenbacher 5/24/16
Union type list John Orford 5/24/16
Create an alert that disappears after 5 seconds TheGryzor123 5/24/16
Chrome extension Content Security Policy Cezar Halmagean 5/24/16
Sublime Text 3 highlighting in 0.17 kgashok 5/24/16
Looking for people experienced with elm-html's "key" function Evan 5/24/16
Embed external HTML into elm Zachary Kessin 5/24/16
Documentation for packages removed from Core is too hard to find Alexander Biggs 5/23/16
WebSocket and Phoenix Channels Simon 5/23/16
Will ELM become a general purpose language? julian ebeli 5/23/16
HTML5 push state router for Elm 0.17 Jaroslaw Zabiello 5/22/16
Google maps integration yevheni...@gmail.com 5/22/16
How to map multi-level nesting components in 0.17 Luis Fei 5/22/16
Failure to download Html package Matthew Heath 5/22/16
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