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Welcome to Elm Discuss! This list exists to discuss anything Elm related, from beginner questions to compiler design.

Please be respectful to everyone! You have something to learn from all posters, so be kind and try to understand and learn from everyone's viewpoint.

Also, keep an eye out for the XY problem which can be really common when learning a new language!

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Elm inspired by ML? Rupert Smith 2:39 AM
Elm good for graphical apps? Rupert Smith 2:37 AM
Unit Types : A Radical Proposal John Bugner 12:38 AM
Elmx OvermindDL1 7/29/16
Multiple uses of `Elm.Xyzzy.embed` in a Phoenix app Brian Marick 7/29/16
Compiler fails on port module name in sub-directory Gábor Varga 7/29/16
How to test JSON decoding when you need a raw Json Value? Paul Blair 7/29/16
Collecting use cases for File, ArrayBuffer and TypedArrays/DataViews Daniel Bachler 7/29/16
Search Selection widget Bernd Meyer 7/29/16
programWithFlags for App using elm-mdl Robert Walter 7/29/16
Is there a way to investigate a Html tree? Peter Damoc 7/29/16
Form <select> with union type Simone Vittori 7/29/16
Elm Remote Meetup #2 videos, broken out by talk Josh Adams 7/28/16
port module for JS interop.. without main/view ? Jörg Winter 7/28/16
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'tag' of undefined Aditya Vishwakarma 7/28/16
Modifying the DOM with external JS libraries Marco Perone 7/28/16
Exporting an event stream Zachary Kessin 7/28/16
Looking for a contract doing Elm (possibly with Erlang or Elixir) Zachary Kessin 7/28/16
How to do Context in 0.17 (passing in multiple Addesses to a view) Sean Hess 7/27/16
Touch module in Elm 0.17 Tobias Hermann 7/27/16
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