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[ANN] Comeonin password hashing library v0.7.0 -- many changes to bcrypt David Whitlock 3:54 AM
How to connect to ssl server. Junji Takakura 1:46 AM
[ANN] PlugRequireHeader 0.5.0 Lennart Fridén 4/18/15
How to protect from multiple calls to __using__ ? Sébastien Merle 4/18/15
Windows 10 and Elixir Onorio Catenacci 4/18/15
[ANN] The Little Elixir and OTP Book is on MEAP! Benjamin Tan 4/18/15
CS Senior Project for Elixir? Gage Peterson 4/17/15
Install mix tasks globally? Ringo De Smet 4/17/15
[ANN] Plug v0.12.0 released José Valim 4/17/15
Kansas City-area Elixir users: New meetup group Jordan Day 4/17/15
How to communicate with an iex node behind a firewall Peter Koppstein 4/17/15
ElixirStream Lauris Blīgzna 4/16/15
How can I debug mix to see where it spends time ? Sébastien Merle 4/16/15
Elixir multi-file scripting Yixin Jin 4/16/15
Need another pair of eyes on assert_raise Booker Bense 4/16/15
Elixir v1.0.4 is planned José Valim 4/15/15
Plugs and their "contract" in a pipeline easco 4/15/15
Code examples of plugins Booker Bense 4/15/15
Please Is there an online Elixir IDE? Charles Okwuagwu 4/15/15
Elixir release package Ben Carter 4/15/15
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