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good excuse to use elixir ? Jorg Heymans 11:31 PM
Obtaining source file and line for function/macro definition James Norton 5:01 PM
Slowly bringing elixir in Greg Young 3:28 PM
Is there comprehensive guide on mix.exs content somewhere? Alex Shneyderman 10:32 AM
I don't understand this output Glenn Waters 10:10 AM
Alchemist v1.2.0 Release Samuel Tonini 7:27 AM
[ANN] ElixirStatus - an upcoming community site to post your announcements René Föhring 7/5/15
Test of KV Server (Getting Started) works manually, not with mix bengt e 7/5/15
Possible to specify build path for a Mix / Phoenix project? David Chin 7/5/15
httpotion (ibrowse) fail to compile Ronen Narkis 7/5/15
Is it possible to recover a mix project after manually deleting .beam files? bengt e 7/5/15
Calling an anonymus function without appending () ? bengt e 7/5/15
Strange Logger crash Martin Schuerrer 7/4/15
What is missing in Logger? José Valim 7/4/15
My application is started but it ends right away Rodrigo Dominguez 7/2/15
Trying to understand why Elixir has a Logger when Lager exists Jason Harrelson 7/1/15
Elixir-Mix project using riak_core? Chris Jimison 6/30/15
[ANN] Openmaize authentication and authorization lib version 0.6 David Whitlock 6/30/15
Elixir Melbourne (Australia) - first meet July 16th, 6:30pm @ Envato Julian Doherty 6/29/15
Coverage of string concatenation over multiple lines Luke Imhoff 6/29/15
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