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Official deprecation of this mailing list (elixir-lang-talk) José Valim 9/16/16
Is there a library like numpy for erlang? michel perez 9/15/16
Stream.flat_map influences the behaviour of preceeding Stream operations in a pipe Paul Balomiri 9/10/16
Best data type to represent a game board Tobias Pfeiffer 9/9/16
** (CompileError) nofile: invalid quoted expression: #Ecto.Query Vlad Alyukov 9/9/16
Determine if a funtion/macro is available at compile and and what modules it belongs to eksperimental 9/9/16
Geany Syntax File? Karma Kolabor 9/9/16
[ANN] Const - helper for defining constants Michele Balistreri 9/6/16
[ANN] intellij-elixir v4.3.0 Luke Imhoff 9/6/16
Elixir on OS400 ? António Ramos 9/6/16
meaning of ? in a function? António Ramos 8/31/16
Elixir best practice for setting two values on a condition Brian Bugh 8/29/16
stuck on list to tree parsing Brian Bugh 8/28/16
Type checking question about Behaviours and Protocols michel perez 8/28/16
Including defimpl docs in ex_doc output/doctest? Brian Bugh 8/27/16
Configuring `eredis_cluster` as a worker Srinivas JONNALAGADDA 8/26/16
Deploying a multi-node Elixir cluster in something like Kubernetes Nam Chu Hoai 8/25/16
Microservices in Elixir fr3dch3n 8/24/16
[ElixirConf] ElixirConf is in 12 Days! Jim Freeze 8/19/16
[ANN] TucoTuco - Capybara like testing for web stuff Stuart Coyle 8/19/16
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