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Proposal: Enum.take/1 Sam Davies 9:23 AM
How to recompile erlang modules in Elixir source Sam Davies 4/22/17
mix.exs: ExDoc vs Hex.PM's approach to reading the :name field w.m.w...@student.rug.nl 4/19/17
Cookie security fixes for Plug José Valim 4/18/17
Cleaning out Elixir's .gitignore file and improve clarity eksperimental 4/16/17
is_time, is_date and is_naive_datetime macros ? João Bernardo 4/15/17
Exception protocol Michał Muskała 4/5/17
Apply EEx bindings partially Attila Gulyas 4/3/17
add some function to improve the `--` operation ruby...@foxmail.com 4/2/17
Proposal: ExUnit nested tests within describe block can inherit describe's test module attributes Brian Cardarella 3/31/17
Proposal: Document that Code.ensure_* won't work as expected on certain cases of umbrella charlott...@gmail.com 3/30/17
URI features: naked_domain and subdomain Dmitry Rubinstein 3/26/17
Proposal: Stream.shift :: {element, Stream.t} w.m.w...@student.rug.nl 3/25/17
Re: [elixir-core:7031] Flag to omit verbosity from skipped tests on ExUnit Pedro Medeiros 3/22/17
Passing the map to Map.get_lazy's function David Long 3/20/17
Syntax sugar for pipeline operator Валентин Васильев 3/19/17
add a mix command to generate code enhanced with macros expanded (for better code comprehension and debugging aid) miwee 3/17/17
Memory usage in module attributes Chris Jimison 3/16/17
Logger.Backends.Console take_all metadata filter Simon Stender Boisen 3/16/17
Web assembly Brian Cardarella 3/15/17
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