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Proposal/Enhance for Elixir Formatter: Format Options (for Numbers) Allen Wyma 4/21/18
Proposal: Highlight left/right differences in "Doctest failed" output Eric Watson 4/20/18
Pipe and anonymous functions José Valim 4/18/18
List.myers_difference is very slow and memory hungry Serge Smetana 4/17/18
BuiltWithElixir.com is looking for your feedback m...@edgarpino.com 4/14/18
[Proposal] Keyword.update_values/3 casam...@gmail.com 4/13/18
to_existing_or_new_atom Onorio Catenacci 4/11/18
Proposal: Show failed tests at the end of `mix test` output Shadab Ahmed 4/11/18
Can we have public quoted_to_algebra? Serge Smetana 4/11/18
Should This Be An Error Instead Of A Warning? Onorio Catenacci 4/5/18
Mix Tasks in umbrella applications l...@expert360.com 4/3/18
[Proposal] debugger statement Adam Kirk 3/30/18
[Proposal] Adding Elixir Playground Maqbool 3/19/18
Code in Mix config files aka. Build Dependencies - new feature? florian...@planprop.de 3/16/18
[Proposal] Add a pipe-right macro |>> to Kernel Boyd Multerer 3/10/18
Coverage by default Yordis Prieto 3/4/18
[Proposal] Calendar callback months_in_year/1 Kip 3/4/18
[Proposal] Create maybe(t) typespec Yordis Prieto 3/3/18
Proposal: Addition of `either` and `both` operators Daniel Angell 3/2/18
Enhancement request: parse character offsets for AST node Serge Smetana 2/28/18
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