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Modules generated with `use` missing documentation Matt Widmann 10/5/15
Module namespacing alco 10/5/15
Enum.one?/1 and Enum.one?/2 Bryan Enders 10/5/15
Proposal: AST traversal both pre/post-order at the same time takayu...@gmail.com 10/4/15
How to play with the AST elixir generates? Thiago Massa 10/4/15
A few catches on empty Enumerables eksperimental 9/26/15
Should we rename the args/terminology used in Enum module? eksperimental 9/26/15
alias, alias, alias. Alias multiple module with same parent more easily Paul Smith 9/25/15
Adnotation for Elixir compiler to warning CamelCase module name with file name camel_case.ex Petrică Clement Chiriac 9/25/15
Elixir v1.1.0-rc.0 is out! José Valim 9/21/15
ExUnit: Raise or warn if there are files in the test directory that end in `_test.ex` Paul Smith 9/17/15
Enum.cons/3 TR NS 9/14/15
Proposal: Richer assertion messages in ExUnit Tim Morton 9/13/15
ExUnit: improved error messages eksperimental 9/8/15
Elixir v1.1.0-beta is out José Valim 9/8/15
Named setup in ExUnit, take 2 José Valim 9/8/15
`raise` message format eksperimental 9/7/15
Make "mix new" add Hex info to mix.exs and README? Henrik N 9/5/15
Named setups in ExUnit José Valim 9/5/15
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