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easy dependencies installation Vitaly Shvedchenko 8/18/17
[Proposal] !> for pipe-lining tuples david.and...@gmail.com 8/17/17
StreamData: data generation and property testing for Elixir Andrea Leopardi 8/11/17
[Proposal] Path.wildcard with [:case_insensitive] option Charles Okwuagwu 8/9/17
[Proposal] mix xref for private functions William Carroll 8/8/17
Proposal: Automatically tag releases Matt Widmann 8/4/17
proposal - support 'use ExUnit.CaptureLog' / CaptureIO gasp...@gmail.com 8/4/17
Proposal: regression testing tool Josh Austin 8/4/17
[Proposal] Add URL to mix hex.outdated t...@scalpel.com 8/4/17
[Proposal] Logger.Lazy Michał Muskała 8/3/17
proposal - improve ExUnix assert_receive gasp...@gmail.com 8/3/17
[[Proposa]] Nested functions ma...@lamarciana.com 8/2/17
Automatic inspect interpolation niahoo osef 7/31/17
Re: [elixir-core:7343] Product functions for Enumerable José Valim 7/28/17
Proposal: allow env option for Mix.deps.compile Dimitrios Zorbas 7/26/17
Feature request/question: breaking on specific function argument values Eugene Pirogov 7/26/17
Zombie protocol: Sequential (Indexable) christ...@gmail.com 7/25/17
Elixir v1.5.0 has been released José Valim 7/25/17
[Proposal] Control block with annotations and no commas niahoo osef 7/25/17
[Proposal] Stream.traverse/1 Clark Kampfe 7/23/17
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