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Proposing Registry José Valim 5:59 PM
Detecting merge conflicts left in files like Swift compiler Luke Imhoff 10/26/16
GenState.stream API feedback er...@scouten.com 10/26/16
[ExDoc] Proposal: Anchor built-in types Wojtek Mach 10/26/16
[Proposal] Why I believe we need a Stream.reduce/3 function Isaac Whitfield 10/25/16
is_time, is_date and is_naive_datetime macros ? João Bernardo 10/25/16
improvements of mix test ? gasp...@gmail.com 10/25/16
Improve error message for bad GenServer callback response? er...@scouten.com 10/23/16
Compiler warning for macros that do not return quoted expressions João Bernardo 10/22/16
[Proposal] Adopt a few of the good decisions made in other repls Bhargav Patel 10/21/16
Feature Request: tap function jbo...@wistia.com 10/20/16
Suggestion: Map.deep_merge Tobias Pfeiffer 10/19/16
add record/2 to Typespecs eksperimental 10/12/16
Enumerable implementation Jay Hayes 10/12/16
Suggestion: Mix should automatically recompile projects when config changes jbo...@wistia.com 10/12/16
Add  mix release  task similar to  rake  release Aleksei Matiushkin 10/11/16
Feature request: Config option for :logger to suppress (ignore) progress report from supervisors Yu Matsuzawa 10/11/16
Elixir v1.3.4 released José Valim 10/10/16
proposal: functional assertions, a case for assert_equal, assert_match, and possibly more Jaap Frolich 10/6/16
Mix todos/notes feature Razvan Musetescu 10/6/16
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