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[Proposal] Enum.sort for Dates Josh Crews 1/21/17
Proposal: Behaviours, defoverridable and impl José Valim 1/19/17
The future of GenStage and Flow José Valim 1/18/17
Module case mismatch errors Bram Verburg 1/17/17
[Proposal] Control-L keybinding to "clear" iex view Wade Mauger 1/14/17
[Proposal] Logger configuration flag to lazily evaluate input Jake Mitchell 1/13/17
Why are Keyword lists restricted to [{:atom, _}]? Wiebe-Marten Wijnja 1/9/17
Elixir v1.4.0 released José Valim 1/4/17
Proposed Addition To System Module Onorio Catenacci 1/4/17
Pipeline-firendly variable assignment Filip Haglund 1/2/17
Introducing Calendar types José Valim 1/1/17
System.get_env!/1 that raises if the ENV var is not present Paul Smith 12/29/16
defstruct Dave Thomas 12/27/16
Logging from handle_info Michał Muskała 12/26/16
make 1..num syntax always count incrementally and never count decrementally miwee 12/26/16
improve OptionParser? Derek Cheung 12/23/16
GenServer.start! and GenServer.start_link! Wiebe-Marten Wijnja 12/22/16
[Proposal] Range.contains? Patrick Davey 12/21/16
Proposal: Map.with/2 and Map.without/2 Juraj Hlista 12/19/16
[Feature Suggestion] Wrap :rand.seed with Elixir Dorian Karter 12/18/16
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