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Proposal: Introduce `use GenServer, strict: true` alco 9/24/16
Deprecate 'single quotes for char lists' José Valim 9/23/16
[Feature Suggestion] Wrap :rand.seed with Elixir Dorian Karter 9/22/16
Automatically infer the list of applications José Valim 9/21/16
Add  mix release  task similar to  rake  release Aleksei Matiushkin 9/21/16
Support 16 colors in IO.ANSI? Travis Herrick 9/20/16
problems implementing protocol (errors not helpful) Jordi Polo 9/18/16
Improvement: the syntax for importing functions from modules Jaap Frolich 9/16/16
Function caching through pattern matching Shyam Sankaran 9/16/16
[Proposal] Adopt a few of the good decisions made in other repls Bhargav Patel 9/15/16
modules that are required automatically eksperimental 9/14/16
Suggestion: Map.deep_merge Tobias Pfeiffer 9/13/16
why are zero arity anonymous functions not allowed? Scott Parish 9/13/16
IEx historial michel perez 9/6/16
Kernel.compare/2 and Comparable protocol Michał Muskała 9/1/16
[proposal] Consider supporting a map shorthand syntax Devin Torres 8/30/16
Whitespace support for `with` clause Gilbert 8/29/16
Consider warning on using True/False instead of true/false miwee 8/29/16
[proposal] Kernel.fetch_in Brian Cardarella 8/29/16
[Proposal][Feature request] Extendable ErlangError.normalize dead.tr...@gmail.com 8/24/16
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