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Proposal: add native language support for handling Decimal types elxi...@gmail.com 11:28 AM
Potential risk of fetching dependencies from Git Bram Verburg 6/30/16
Proposal: Rename lhs and rhs Antonio Cangiano 6/28/16
Access behaviour for lists and tuples? Filip Haglund 6/28/16
Proposal: String.longer? Alvin Lindstam 6/26/16
Mix OTP behaviour graph idea Chris Keele 6/24/16
Proposal for Random related functions eksperimental 6/23/16
Proposal: Enum.pad and Enum.pad_zip eksperimental 6/23/16
How to change the markdown engine to generate docs in Elixir Project eksperimental 6/23/16
Proposal: Stop appending a trailing dot when autocompleting modules in IEx Myron Marston 6/23/16
Proposal: Enum.merge to extend uniq like functionality Bartosz Kalinowski 6/23/16
Proposal: Map.filter_values and Map.filter_keys Filip Haglund 6/22/16
Proposal: Pretty print integers with underscore digit separator Wojtek Mach 6/22/16
Maybe Add A Warning For Including Commas In ~w List Onorio Catenacci 6/22/16
Strange Compilation Message Onorio Catenacci 6/21/16
Add Gitter support room to Elixir lang repo readme. Barsukov Vladimir 6/20/16
Elixir Webinar with José Valim WeAreEsynergy 6/7/16
Regex Issue Onorio Catenacci 6/6/16
Elixir v1.3.0-rc.0 released José Valim 6/2/16
Bug when in string interpolation? eksperimental 6/1/16
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