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Protocol Consolidation bug in Umbrella apps Ben Wilson 4/28/15
Question about elixir utf8 code Ed Wildgoose 4/28/15
Why one and two levels of call_args_parens, but not more? Luke Imhoff 4/27/15
Proposal: Add 'export' macro Matt Widmann 4/26/15
Space/Parentheses not needed to separate arguments from function names Luke Imhoff 4/19/15
Proposal: Add new Protocols, specifically Dict Ed Wildgoose 4/17/15
Macro.escape_once Andrea Leopardi 4/14/15
`Tuple.append` and perhaps `Tuple.prepend` Slava Pavlutin 4/10/15
Macros with space in theirs "keywords" Alexey Mihailiuk 4/9/15
Elixir v1.0.4 is planned José Valim 4/7/15
Operator precedence of `in` vs `!` Luke Imhoff 4/6/15
Elixir fails to compile on Erlang/OTP 17.5 Boris Mühmer 4/6/15
Roadmap 1.1 and 1.2 ? Stephane Wirtel 4/5/15
Error when start iex Hieu Hoang 4/5/15
`is_something` versus `something?` Slava Pavlutin 4/3/15
Getting started PDF Terry Leach 4/3/15
Stream.mutate/3 Patrick Oscity 4/2/15
Sources of misunderstanding Andreas Röhler 4/1/15
alias, alias, alias. Alias multiple module with same parent more easily Paul Smith 3/31/15
Macros with try/rescue fail to compile when used inside tuples Sébastien Merle 3/30/15
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