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Elixir v1.6.0 released José Valim 1/17/18
Proposal: Allow multiple formatter configuration blocks in .formatter.exs michal....@gmail.com 1/17/18
Idea: ExDoc Faster page handling OvermindDL1 1/17/18
Elixir and Bazel l...@expert360.com 1/17/18
Why using "|" in a map is calling update instead of put ? mG S 1/17/18
Proposal: Allow IO.inspect to accept a function as argument mar...@lob.com 1/15/18
Proposal: Improve ExUnit output for skipped tests Devon Estes 1/12/18
Elixir v1.6.0-rc.1 released José Valim 1/11/18
Proposal: assert_in_delta option to allow difference <= delta Devon Estes 1/8/18
Proposal: Inspect implementation for URI Wojtek Mach 1/4/18
make functions with @doc false visible in IEX autocompletion Milad Rastian 1/4/18
[Proposal] Protected/Private modules Maciej Kaszubowski 1/4/18
Proposal: Float.to_integer Kelvin Raffael Stinghen 1/3/18
Proposal: mix compile to have --no-warnings option Siraj Kakeh 1/2/18
Proposal: mix format to work with EEx files Steven Blowers 12/30/17
Mix should use Checksums for recompilation l...@expert360.com 12/27/17
defrequired and defoptional instead of @enforce_keys and defstruct Juan Jose Lopez Tugores 12/24/17
Elixir v1.6.0-rc.0 released José Valim 12/24/17
Expose and autoinline `Kernel.term_to_binary/1/2` and `Kernel.binary_to_term/1/2`. Norbert Melzer 12/22/17
Move Dependency Build files into a seperate location l...@expert360.com 12/20/17
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