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[Proposal] Bare lists with module attributes Brian Cardarella 8/23/16
Re: [elixir-core:6239] GenStage and Tweets. 1 producer, 3 consumers but only one consumer receives the tweets José Valim 8/23/16
Consider warning on using True/False instead of true/false miwee 8/22/16
[PROPOSAL] Pipe operator enhancement Aleff Souza 8/16/16
[Proposal] mix run --recursive Michał Muskała 8/15/16
Elixir way to handle errors in pipes Alvise Susmel 8/15/16
ExUnit - add refute_raise() assertion sun...@gmail.com 8/13/16
[Proposal] Enum.max/2, Enum.min/2, Enum.min_max/2 Myron Marston 8/13/16
[proposal] Consider supporting a map shorthand syntax Devin Torres 8/13/16
Introducing is_kind/2 and guard-safe operators: is, is_not, is_any, are, are_not, are_any eksperimental 8/12/16
Proposing backticks infix syntax for arity-2 functions Wiebe-Marten Wijnja 8/12/16
Kernel.compare/2 and Comparable protocol Michał Muskała 8/11/16
Error when constructing binaries Eugene Pirogov 8/9/16
Proposal: guard-safe modulo function `mod(a, n)` Wiebe-Marten Wijnja 8/8/16
Proposal: Golang's defer statement for cleanup of side-effects Filip Haglund 8/5/16
Getting started PDF Terry Leach 8/4/16
defprotocol bug? Maximiliano Guzenski 8/1/16
Proposal for pluggable template file systems Chris Keele 7/28/16
Access.find/1 Michał Muskała 7/28/16
Feature Request: @see_also attribute eksperimental 7/24/16
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