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Proposal: Add Stream.start_link/1,2 and Stream.start/1,2 James Fish 1:22 PM
IEx c/0 to recompile file from command line Felix Bünemann 8/3/15
Diva Networks in San Francisco is looking to add an Elixir Developer to the team, but be able to work onsite in San Francisco, FTE only Katharina Saghi 8/1/15
I believe that mix can no longer pass erl compiler options Josh Adams 7/29/15
What is missing in Logger? José Valim 7/27/15
Warn if variable is used as function call Aleksei Magusev 7/21/15
Inconsistencies in function names eksperimental 7/17/15
Anonymous function shorthand ignores outer parens Ben Wilson 7/10/15
How do I push to an existing array? Eric Berry 7/10/15
[ANN] Phoenix Framework Training by Chris McCord Jim Freeze 7/9/15
Associativity/quoted order changes between matched_expr vs unmatched_expr Luke Imhoff 7/7/15
Extend iex to allow additional helpers Booker Bense 6/30/15
Elixir v1.0.5 is out José Valim 6/29/15
Auto-install and auto-compile mix deps when doing mix run Gabriel Jaldon 6/22/15
Possibility of backporting docs in master on Kernel.<<>> to 1.0 branch?? Kofi Boakye 6/22/15
[proposal] Consider supporting a map shorthand syntax Devin Torres 6/19/15
Proposal: Change Float.to_string defaults Ed Wildgoose 6/17/15
Optional filter function for Enum.max and Enum.min Patrick Oscity 6/11/15
Use erl -man to provide help for erlang library functions Booker Bense 6/9/15
Elixir v1.0.5 upcoming José Valim 6/8/15
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