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Implement a function like `Map.put/3` but with flipped arguments for better piping Zach Daniel 8:27 AM
[Proposal] Format capture with sequencial params Glauber Campinho 10/21/17
[Proposal] operator =~ should support maps jer...@companykitchen.com 10/19/17
Umbrella project should support distributed applications Hubert Łępicki 10/18/17
[Proposal] String.remove(subject, pattern) Alberto Almagro 10/17/17
Is it possible to have an `is_module` function? Devon Estes 10/16/17
[Proposal] Access to test result in on_exit Lars Vonk 10/16/17
Code Formatter stdin/stdout rgre...@gmail.com 10/15/17
mix-format.el for Emacs Anil Wadghule 10/15/17
[Proposal] `IO.inspect_vars/1` Myron Marston 10/14/17
Option for enforcing type check while doing comparison miwee 10/13/17
Erlang proplists support in Access OvermindDL1 10/12/17
ExUnit: Allow including/excluding subtags Айрат Бадыков 10/11/17
#5800 Behaviour Lint Alexis Brodeur 10/5/17
Access.find/1 and Access.filter/1 Zach Daniel 10/5/17
iex autocomplete for variables andrei sura 10/4/17
Maybe Map.replace should lazily evaluate the new value, or introduce Map.replace_lazy? Ary Borenszweig 10/4/17
[Proposal] Strict form of `Map.new/2` Myron Marston 10/4/17
Add type guards to structs Maciej Kaszubowski 10/4/17
[Proposal] Converting @type/@spec to contract/asserts at compile time? gasp...@gmail.com 9/30/17
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