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Access.find/1 Michał Muskała 8:42 AM
Feature Request: @see_also attribute eksperimental 7/24/16
why are zero arity anonymous functions not allowed? Scott Parish 7/20/16
Proposal: Add Enum.at!/2 eksperimental 7/18/16
Proposal: Add String.from_codepoint/1 Nathan Long 7/18/16
Confusing issues regarding module/struct completeness & accessibility. Benjamin Scherrey 7/18/16
List.swap Wiebe-Marten Wijnja 7/15/16
Proposal: `delete_at/2` and `delete_at/1` Myron Marston 7/15/16
Application.process_tree Adam Lindberg 7/15/16
Tagging IO.inspect Michał Muskała 7/15/16
Parameterizing Mix Erlang Compiler to handle Core Chris Keele 7/15/16
[ OFF Topic ] Telegram Group for discursions Cristiano Carvalho 7/13/16
Maybe Add A Warning For Including Commas In ~w List Onorio Catenacci 7/12/16
Proposal: Add optional `into:` argument to Enum.map Wiebe-Marten Wijnja 7/12/16
How to manage conflicts with duplicate dependencies (the same module gets defined twice) Bartosz Kalinowski 7/11/16
Keyword module remains mostly untested Eugene Pirogov 7/11/16
Mix Proposal: Change the 'installation' part in the generated README.md to start/end on separate lines Wiebe-Marten Wijnja 7/10/16
Enum.index/0 type not very useful as it is eksperimental 7/8/16
Proposal: Rename lhs and rhs Antonio Cangiano 7/7/16
Code Coverage for Elixir project Brandon Fish 7/7/16
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