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Mix get command line task in project setup Chris Jimison 3/1/15
retaining state in for comprehensions Rich Morin 2/26/15
Adding examples to the standard lib documentation. Booker Bense 2/25/15
Mix compile warnings-as-errors Chris Jimison 2/24/15
Getting started PDF Terry Leach 2/23/15
propsal for apply_fn for better handling of processing intermediate values with pipeline operator miwee 2/20/15
jv-lint branch? Booker Bense 2/18/15
Try Hex v0.7.0-dev Eric Meadows-Jönsson 2/11/15
Adoption and iex -S mix Bruce Tate 2/9/15
Plans for Elixir v1.1 José Valim 2/4/15
Man page for iex/elixir Evgeny Golyshev 1/31/15
[proposal] Change Map.update behaviour alco 1/28/15
Elixir v1.0.3 upcoming José Valim 1/24/15
FSMs and GenFSM Robert Virding 1/20/15
Variable binding in anonymous function's pattern matching X4lldux 1/18/15
Incorporating Some Global Functionality into Process Module? Brad Arner 1/17/15
Conditional pipe ?> Michael Kohl 1/9/15
Acces implementation for List Szetty Szederjesi 1/5/15
Do we really need the strict comparison operator "===" in Elixir? Anton Fagerberg 1/2/15
A source map api for Elixir code Alexander Ivanov 12/31/14
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