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[Proposal] Non-naive DateTime sigil Gregory McIntyre 6/27/17
[Proposal] New mix task `mix stats` Devon Estes 6/27/17
[Proposal] MapSet.intersection/1 (and perhaps MapSet.union/1) Myron Marston 6/26/17
Elixir 1.5.0-rc.0 released José Valim 6/26/17
Improve ExUnit output for assertions on process mailbox Devon Estes 6/22/17
Kernel.compare/2 and Comparable protocol Michał Muskała 6/20/17
[Proposal] Module.define/3 Michał Muskała 6/17/17
[Proposal] Sorted Map and Sorted Set Ricky Han 6/16/17
Proposal to add a mix integration with Fossil SCM Eli Bierman 6/16/17
assert_raise with bad message/1 implementation Michał Muskała 6/16/17
[Proposal] File.checksum/2 matthi...@railsmechanic.de 6/13/17
[Proposal] mix use for npm deps. Aleksandr Pavliutin 6/8/17
[Proposal] mix report Michał Muskała 6/4/17
Introducing is_kind/2 and guard-safe operators: is, is_not, is_any, are, are_not, are_any eksperimental 6/1/17
I think the new 1.4 warning about missing () on zero arity functions is a cure that's worse than the disease Dave Thomas 6/1/17
Feature Request: Destructuring Maps Sheharyar Naseer 6/1/17
Possible bug in doctests eksperimental 5/29/17
[Proposal] Improve supported syntax in Doctest eksperimental 5/28/17
[Proposal]: Make test created by `mix test` actually test the generated code Unai Esteibar Caballero 5/27/17
[Proposal] Adding async testing & assertions for capturing N logs to ExUnit Michael Pope 5/25/17
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