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admin, settings, logout menu, what is this menu called? echo 12/9/13
i want add widgets to home page mohamad javad Fkhr 12/6/13
Weird intermittent issue with annotation Bruno 12/5/13
CSS breaks when HTTP is enabled for login echo 12/2/13
Unit Tests Kévio Castro 12/2/13
Re: Adopt Transifex as Elgg's official translation platform Cash Costello 12/1/13
Question about how to export social graph from elgg marceliru 11/17/13
How to order a table for metadata defined in parameter joins? Kévio Castro 11/11/13
Re: [Elgg development] order_by_metadata in elgg_get_entities_from_metadata Paweł Sroka 11/11/13
Relationship between an object and a river Kévio Castro 11/11/13
md5 hashing considered to be a non-optimal choice ura soul 11/7/13
does elgg 1.9 include updates to the mysql connection process? ura soul 11/7/13
Appending data to relationship between two entities harlei vicente 11/7/13
Hello world plugin with cool theme a.bur...@groupe-esigelec.fr 11/7/13
the interface is too bad when i try to access the elgg website at another pc tinaxi...@gmail.com 11/7/13
can i add a im for elgg tinaxi...@gmail.com 11/7/13
Release cycle idea Cash Costello 11/5/13
Row class entities Kévio Castro 11/1/13
Problems with translations Alejandro Otero 10/30/13
Changing object types Bruno 10/30/13
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