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Maine ranked voting on NBC national news with Lester Holt and Chuck Todd Clay S 6/13/18
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Las Cruces city council adopts Ranked Choice Voting Clay S 6/4/18
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CES Interview by 80,000 Hours is trending on Hacker News Aaron Hamlin 6/1/18
Proportional Representation- Philosophy 5/30/18
James Clapper new book "facts & fears" Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 5/24/18
connection networks as a basis for partitioning Dodecatheon Meadia 5/24/18
Best Algorithms and Design for Proportional Representation Elections 5/21/18
What should STAR-PR be? SRV-PR is horribly broken (it's not even proportional) but STAR-PR doesn't have to be. parker friedland 5/21/18
Approval voting mentioned in connection with Texas runoff election low turnout Dodecatheon Meadia 5/18/18
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