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Welcome to the discussion forum for The Center for Election Science. We are a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of voting system experts and activists dedicated to helping people make better collective decisions.

Many of our core members/supporters are engineers, mathematicians, and political scientists, but we are open to anyone who is interested in voting theory and voting reform. Voting theory looks at the way voters' opinions are expressed on the ballot and calculated after the ballots are submitted. Our reforms consists of advocating for improved voting methods, such as Approval Voting and Score Voting.

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Why does range voting have to be averaged and not tallied? Marcia 6/28/17
SSGAXY versus SSLLA and SSA (shortest splitline variants) Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 6/28/17
Special Election Results Brian Langstraat 6/28/17
Summable 3RD (non-partisan proportional) method Jameson Quinn 6/28/17
Shortest Splitarc Latitude/Longitude Algorithm (SSLLA) Brian Langstraat 6/28/17
Utah Green Party uses Score Voting Clay Shentrup 6/28/17
NY Times opinion piece by Timothy Egan "Our fake democracy" Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 6/27/17
How should 321 Voting results be summarized? Clay Shentrup 6/26/17
Is approval voting and/or net approval voting (or range) legal in Washington state? parker friedland 6/26/17
Write-In Lottery Voting Brian Langstraat 6/26/17
Blockchain Clay Shentrup 6/25/17
Netflix downgrades from Score to Approval Steve Cobb 6/24/17
Single Non-Transferable Vote (SNTV) Brian Langstraat 6/23/17
Best voting system to elect Prime Minister or Speaker of the House? Rob Wilson 6/21/17
Star vs. 321 (was Re: [CES #16487] ) Jameson Quinn 6/21/17
Why do democracies fail? Essay by David Frum Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 6/20/17
Would this be something that CES is ok with having it's logo on? parker friedland 6/20/17
Compromise between Approval Voting and Range Voting advocates parker friedland 6/19/17
Puerto Rico Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 6/19/17
Does somebody in the press care? Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 6/19/17
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