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Welcome to the discussion forum for The Center for Election Science. We are a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of voting system experts and activists dedicated to helping people make better collective decisions.

Many of our core members/supporters are engineers, mathematicians, and political scientists, but we are open to anyone who is interested in voting theory and voting reform. Voting theory looks at the way voters' opinions are expressed on the ballot and calculated after the ballots are submitted. Our reforms consists of advocating for improved voting methods, such as Approval Voting and Score Voting.

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Only criteria range voting obeys, are good criteria for single-winner voting systems to obey! Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 1:38 PM
"How Democracies Die" new book Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 7:37 AM
Is star voting precinct summable? NoIRV 5:17 AM
David Dill: "Our voting system is hackable by foreign powers" Scientific American Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 3/17/18
Minnesota bill would remove local control and IRV Clay Shentrup 3/16/18
Utah HB35 IRV/Approval pilot program bill passes House by landslide Clay Shentrup 3/15/18
Facebook boasts it hugely influences elections... then doesn't Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 3/15/18
Electoral Reform in BC Keith 3/13/18
Washington (state) 45th district Democrats support Score Voting and Approval Voting Clay Shentrup 3/13/18
If you live near Vancouver... parker friedland 3/12/18
A compromise between Score Voting and Illusory Reform Voting NoIRV 3/12/18
"Fake news" -- Churchill view now confirmed by science :( Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 3/11/18
China National People's Congress uses Approval Voting Clay Shentrup 3/11/18
California senate candidate supports approval voting parker friedland 3/11/18
Cuba using at-large Approval Voting similar to China NPC Clay Shentrup 3/10/18
Chinese democracy Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 3/10/18
RCV in Saint Louis Park MN. Phil Uhrich 3/8/18
IRV statewide in Maine this June Clay Shentrup 3/7/18
Shortest Borderline Redistricting Algorithm Brian Langstraat 3/6/18
Strange request from the Berkeley League of Women Voters Clay Shentrup 3/5/18
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