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Welcome to the discussion forum for The Center for Election Science. We are a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of voting system experts and activists dedicated to helping people make better collective decisions.

Many of our core members/supporters are engineers, mathematicians, and political scientists, but we are open to anyone who is interested in voting theory and voting reform. Voting theory looks at the way voters' opinions are expressed on the ballot and calculated after the ballots are submitted. Voting reform consists of advocating for improved voting methods, such as Approval Voting and Score Voting.

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Spoiler in Range Voting / Score Voting William Waugh 5/25/15
Winning the PR Battle and Avoiding the Fate of IRV Rob Wilson 5/24/15
Majority Criterion refutation without invoking IoIA Clay Shentrup 5/21/15
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Ballot Access and the Role of Parties Rob Wilson 5/17/15
German Pirate Party member discusses strategy and Score Voting Clay Shentrup 5/16/15
An Arguer Says IRV Eliminates Spoiler Effect William Waugh 5/16/15
Typically uninformed review of the Shortest Splitline Algorithm Clay Shentrup 5/16/15
Possible Route to Power William Waugh 5/14/15
Score Voting used in San Leandro, CA Clay Shentrup 5/12/15
The Fairvote Anti-Score Screed at William Waugh 5/12/15
Samuel Merrill's social utility efficiency results Clay Shentrup 5/11/15
XPrize visioneering leader doubts Score Voting Clay Shentrup 5/11/15
The difficulty of arguing William Waugh 5/11/15
Richard Stallman seems to like Score Voting Clay Shentrup 5/9/15
Alberta an example of democracy working? Rob Wilson 5/9/15
Strategy under CPO-STV French Guy 5/6/15
Humans are doing democracy wrong. Bees are doing it right. Andrew Jennings 5/6/15
Proportional Representation in the US Rob Wilson 5/6/15
Wired (Italian) article on Score Voting Clay Shentrup 5/5/15
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