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Welcome to the discussion forum for The Center for Election Science. We are a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of voting system experts and activists dedicated to helping people make better collective decisions.

Many of our core members/supporters are engineers, mathematicians, and political scientists, but we are open to anyone who is interested in voting theory and voting reform. Voting theory looks at the way voters' opinions are expressed on the ballot and calculated after the ballots are submitted. Our reforms consists of advocating for improved voting methods, such as Approval Voting and Score Voting.

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The "invisible primary" (far and away woin by H.R.Clinton) Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 9/23/16
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Mexicans contemplating TTRO for presidential election Steve Cobb 9/20/16
U/P voting: plausible heuristics Jameson Quinn 9/19/16
Ralph Nader: "calling third parties spoilers is the same as saying 'shut up'..." Warren D. Smith (CRV cofounder, 9/19/16
Trends Clay Shentrup 9/19/16
Bayesian Regret And The Utility Monster Frank Martinez 9/19/16
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