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This group was originally set up to discuss Ecobee smart thermostats. But in order to include more members (including those without Google accounts) and incorporate more smart devices into the conversation, this list will be moved to the SmartHomeHub discussion forums at:

Please note that this group is not officially affiliated with Ecobee Inc.

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let me tell Echbee about my system Efficency for Home IQ. TowPro 6/3/14
Very minor complaint about ZigBee module Steve Jenkins 6/3/14
Waterfurnace says do not use Ecobee on their geothermal DPW-CT 5/29/14
Intro, and a laundry list of questions Colin Hildinger 5/27/14
New User Smart Thermostat Brad Knight 5/26/14
secondary logins??? carteriii 5/19/14
Humidifier hook up mishap Michael Sheedy 5/8/14
Ecobee site down.... Yves Racine 5/4/14
Heat/Cool or Auto cd 4/29/14
Smarter Vacation Setting Wanted Hal Jennings 4/18/14
Home IQ Details - Weather Adjusted Runtime chart needs work Paul T 4/15/14
Home IQ Insights Charlie 4/3/14
Re: [Ecobee Users] Heatpump Users. Please answer this question. EcobeeTS 4/3/14
Home IQ Details Charlie 4/2/14
Set Humidity - (-5002%) Daniel Ayala 3/29/14
Vacation mode question Jay Jimenez 3/28/14
Power usage display on the Ecobee Smart tstat? JohnF 3/26/14
FR: Support for dual-rate billing (to trigger HP or aux heat depending on current rate) (Quebec / Hydro-Quebec) Pierre-Marc Bonneau 3/24/14
Installation problem - No display/power? Jason McDonald 3/22/14
Your ecobee rating is still being calculated for this month and should be completed soon. Christopher Dolan 3/19/14
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