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Welcome to the Ecobee Users Group!

The purpose of this group is serve as a discussion forum for users of the Ecobee Smart Thermostat (and its accessories) to discuss, troubleshoot, brainstorm, optimize, and tinker with their Ecobees.

Please note that this group is not officially affiliated with Ecobee Inc.

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Erratic temperature sensor readings Colin Hildinger 7/10/14
Ecobee server reported temp is 8-10 deg colder than reality? 7/9/14
Incorrect Outdoor Temps - multiple houses on east coast Greg 7/9/14
Fan Min On Time during Activity Aaron Holbrook 7/9/14
Smart SI appears to have crashed Corky Seevinck 7/6/14
Constant Smart Plug Errors - No help from Support Greg 7/5/14
Smart Recovery Not Working? Tom Johnson 7/3/14
Smartthings integration Yves Racine 7/2/14
Set Standby Brightness to OFF at night Rori Stumpf 7/2/14
IFTTT WTF? Steve Jenkins 6/30/14
Blog post featuring Ecobee + Leviton to control electric water heater Steve Jenkins 6/29/14
Will they ever fix awful temperature user interface? 6/25/14
Google/Nest going to the next level SteamCarriage 6/25/14
smoke detector Cory Booth 6/24/14
REQUEST: More programs to customize King Lerch 6/24/14
Easily turn on/off away mode? Don Ford 6/24/14
Wifi suddenly disconnected and will not reconnect DPW-CT 6/23/14
Wifi issues again... Guillaume Roy 6/23/14
Vera home automation integration updated John Cocula 6/23/14
New Honeywell Lyric Thermostat SteamCarriage 6/23/14
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