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This group was originally set up to discuss Ecobee smart thermostats. But in order to include more members (including those without Google accounts) and incorporate more smart devices into the conversation, this list will be moved to the SmartHomeHub discussion forums at:

Please note that this group is not officially affiliated with Ecobee Inc.

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ecobee3 ships today -- and this list is now moved over to Steve Jenkins 9/29/14
Re: [Ecobee Users] Need help on SMART (not SI) installation configuration not covered in the diagrams Gus Provias 9/29/14
Ecobee 3 Announcement Greg 9/27/14
Ecobee 3 and WaterFurnace Intellizone Compatibility Dr. Z. 9/24/14
Dry Contact Schedule Feature Request Steve Jenkins 9/17/14
Get ready for something new, something we think will be really great... Stuart Lombard 9/13/14
Interference with printers on wifi JennyGWren B 8/7/14
Erratic temperature sensor readings Colin Hildinger 8/6/14
Heat from thermostat causing false temp reading? Rob Ultan 7/31/14
Humidifier control Craig Treleaven 7/21/14
IMPORTANT! Big change to this Ecobee Mailing List Steve Jenkins 7/18/14
Ecobee + Attic Fan Setup? Steve Jenkins 7/17/14
wired in smoke detector Cory Booth 7/16/14
My home setup Tom9933 7/15/14
Smart Recovery Not Working? Tom Johnson 7/15/14
Set Standby Brightness to OFF at night Rori Stumpf 7/15/14
Re: [Ecobee Users] dehumidifier operation EcobeeTS 7/15/14
SmartThings Built In Ecobee Support Steve Jenkins 7/15/14
Ecobee server reported temp is 8-10 deg colder than reality? 7/9/14
Incorrect Outdoor Temps - multiple houses on east coast Greg 7/9/14
Fan Min On Time during Activity Aaron H 7/9/14
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