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Codegen: Different code with "-s < filelist", with codegen filename.wav and with Process.Start out of a C# Program? thomas 7/13/16
New echoprint server with echoprint jsons Kevin 7/11/16
Help setting up Echoprint to identify streaming radio Nelly 7/8/16
point of time joost van tricht 7/1/16
developers from Austria around? Bernhard Krabina 6/2/16
Animal Sounds with Echoprint Enrique Wood 5/18/16
A question about function of subbands Yu Shi 5/11/16
In the function of adaptiveOnsets, the meaning of deadtime =128 Yu Shi 5/11/16
How to calculate the coefficients of the lowest eight filters which belong to the MPEG-Audio 32-band filter bank. Yu Shi 5/11/16
New echoprint-server now available Brian Whitman 4/19/16
I have a question about adaptivonset fuction , its first parameter is 345, what's the reason? where it come from? Yu Shi 4/18/16
Recommendation: ACRCloud, Best Alternative to EchoPrint Steve Gibson 4/11/16
I get a 404 error 3/25/16
find sounds within audio files? Stephen Kramer 3/22/16
Where does matching take place in the server code? Shenoy Shenoy 2/3/16
echoprint api stops working after few hours Arianit Gerqina 1/19/16
Finger print search time taking around 3 seconds 1/5/16
Good cloud hosting options for Echoprint server? Julie Yaunches 1/5/16
public song/identify API on EchoPrint Server Eleison 12/29/15
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