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Error during make - ld: framework not found vecLib Gaurav Gupta 12/21/16
API Key Nick Crast 12/21/16
point of time joost van tricht 12/1/16
Echoprint API in c# Gaurav Mishra 11/29/16
[ANNOUNCMENT] EchoPrintSharp: echoprint-codegen ported to C# and available as Portable Class Library (PCL) via NuGet Thomas Mielke 11/29/16
time position Matan Markovics 11/19/16
Unable to run echoprint in Windows Maria Smart 11/18/16
Developer new server Keenan MacLeod 11/15/16
Find Similar Tracks Instead of Exact Matches David Haley 11/15/16
Using Echoprint for android music identifying application Midhun XDA 11/3/16
Using a stream for song recognition joris van roy 11/3/16
Using Echoprint to identify guitar chords and chord progressions Daniel Moore 11/2/16
New echoprint server with echoprint jsons Kevin 10/9/16
How do I use echoprint Bingo Wilber 10/5/16
Problem identifying wav files ? salsa man 9/16/16
Can this algorithm recognize a person playing a song, e.g. Fur Elise on the piano against a recording , say by the Boston Symphony or just another individual D Si 9/14/16
Codegen: Different code with "-s < filelist", with codegen filename.wav and with Process.Start out of a C# Program? thomas 7/13/16
Help setting up Echoprint to identify streaming radio Nelly 7/8/16
developers from Austria around? Bernhard Krabina 6/2/16
Animal Sounds with Echoprint Enrique Wood 5/18/16
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