This is the primary place to come for support of the easyRTC bundle of Open Source WebRTC joy.

Our Javascript API hides the differences between Chrome and Firefox browsers and simplifies coding needed for working WebRTC apps. Signalling server using socket.io built on node.js.  Tons of free code so you can build WebRTC apps in a few hours that just work.  Demos include Instant messaging, Multiparty chatroom, Audio + Video, Screen sharing, Data channel Messaging and File sharing, and more.

We will be posting all major release and news announcements for easyRTC in this group as well.

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EasyRTC iOS SDK is now available ch...@skedans.com 7/31/15
EasyRTC v1.0.14 Released Rod Apeldoorn 7/14/15
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Screen share without webcam Akash Islam 7/29/15
easyrtc.closeLocalMediaStream() doesn't seem to work every time Angel Todorov 7/26/15
Having "setRemoteDescription failed Failed to set remote answer sdp: Called in wrong state: STATE_INPROGRESS" error when attempting multiple calls Angel Todorov 7/26/15
Server side 'roomLeave' doesn't fire anytime Angel Todorov 7/26/15
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Camera Error ledomin...@gmail.com 7/21/15
I am the roomOwner, now what? Benjamin Schroeder 7/20/15
EasyRTC on Amazon EC2 Benjamin Schroeder 7/20/15
Have anyone successfully used EasyRTC with Meteor? Thanks Hongbo Miao 7/17/15
Issue when connecting from a Mac using Kaspersky Horia Schiau 7/14/15
Sharing a variable with everyone? Benz Muircroft 7/13/15
Failed to get access to local media. Error code was At least one of audio and video must be provided. Ray C 7/12/15
Rooms and screensharing easyrtc nelson gomez 7/9/15
behaviour of RoomOccupantListener on join/leave room Matthias Döring 7/9/15
Already connected error coming from client Himanshu Srivastava 7/3/15
Installing RFC 5766 Turn Server Rod Apeldoorn 7/2/15
easyrtc.sendDataP2P and message length limit Mickael Bailly 7/2/15
User details Chandrakanth Cena 7/1/15
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