This is the primary place to come for support of the easyRTC bundle of Open Source WebRTC joy.

Our Javascript API hides the differences between Chrome and Firefox browsers and simplifies coding needed for working WebRTC apps. Signalling server using socket.io built on node.js.  Tons of free code so you can build WebRTC apps in a few hours that just work.  Demos include Instant messaging, Multiparty chatroom, Audio + Video, Screen sharing, Data channel Messaging and File sharing, and more.

We will be posting all major release and news announcements for easyRTC in this group as well.

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EasyRTC v1.0.12 Released Rod Apeldoorn 3/27/15
EasyRTC Announcement Priologic Victoria 11/13/14
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Problem: Persistent Room Occupants who never seems to get disconnected ! Ataul Mukit 4/16/15
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Install EasyRTC not running on local corporate network John Leta 4/14/15
Being connected to 2 applications at the same time. Daniel Andréasson 4/14/15
easyrtc zimlet Francisco Garcia Perez 4/12/15
comment isoler un client easyRTC sur une application de simple chat messagerie??? et merci oussema sellami 4/11/15
Which event fires when any user disconnect a connection Imran Rafique 4/10/15
External speakers not working Ashwin Krishna 4/8/15
TypeError: undefined is not a function Ashwin Krishna 4/8/15
Adding people to multi-party conference call (audio only) Divya K Menon 4/8/15
addStream in Firefox not possible : 2 calls with same person Xavier De Snoeck 4/7/15
Adding a new media type to an existing conversation Xavier De Snoeck 4/7/15
Establishing p2p connection using only stun when only one of the endpoints are behind symmetric nat Haim Nachum 4/5/15
Custom message handler Durgesh Mishra 4/3/15
Do we need to compile the source of a Easy RTC demo/example before the changes take place? Mian Muhammad Zaman 4/3/15
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