Area515 - Des Moines Maker Space

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Google groups tips Ray Scheufler 8/28/13
Equipment training David Wagner 5:59 PM
Quarterly Member Meeting Tim-S 5:07 PM
Congrats to Adam Egherman! Bailey Steinfadt 4/27/17
New Topic for Meeting this group meeting S3D License purchase(s) Chris Johnson 4/27/17
Horizontal movement on lazer appears to be stuck Zeke Egherman 4/27/17
Did somebody take/move the arduino micros? Zeke Egherman 4/27/17
In urgent need of 3d print Zeke Egherman 4/26/17
Silly Vehicles Ray Scheufler 4/26/17
MiMH recycling Dan Hockey 4/25/17
Feedback on Website? Ben Brown 4/25/17
A great Saturday at the Area 515 MakerSpace Chris Johnson 4/22/17
Cube Storage Ben Brown 4/21/17
Kudos for the space upgrades! Des Moines Maker Space 4/20/17
3D Printing Meetups Brandon Hart 4/18/17
Guests on April 22nd/Spring Cleaning Ben Brown 4/18/17
For those who want to glue.... Bailey Steinfadt 4/18/17
Parking Tickets Ben Brown 4/15/17
Possible Jointer for Sale Andy Poppen 4/15/17
PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR!!!! Bailey Steinfadt 4/15/17
CIALUG meeting, April 19th Bailey Steinfadt 4/14/17
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