Area515 - Des Moines Maker Space

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Google groups tips Ray Scheufler 8/28/13
Harbor freight Ray Scheufler 9:57 AM
Max V2 hot end is kicking off. Chris Johnson 9:29 AM
I had an idea. Tim-S 10/20/16
More proof Nabil Hanke 10/20/16
Steel Pipe Ben Brown 10/19/16
Person with the Kossel delta with Duet-Wifi board and RobotDigg vertices last night. Chris Johnson 10/19/16
3D Printing Meetups Brandon Hart 10/18/16
433 mhz tx/rx Justin Richeson 10/18/16
MacBooks: Help! Tim-S 10/18/16
Shaper Origin Lucas Peters 10/16/16
anyone have a use for a series 2 (SD) TiVo? Justin Richeson 10/16/16
IMT Marathon: parking restricted Bailey Steinfadt 10/14/16
puzzle box plans jason Keller 10/14/16
Interesting CNC, cheap bits Ray Scheufler 10/14/16
Robot Help Bailey Steinfadt 10/13/16
IEC computer cables Nabil Hanke 10/13/16
Urgent - Clean out your storage cubes Tim-S 10/12/16
Water in space Bailey Steinfadt 10/11/16
3D printer parts in my storage cube Jeffrey Ollie 10/10/16
Construction workers needing into our space during the day. Chris Johnson 10/10/16
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