Area515 - Des Moines Maker Space

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Google groups tips Ray Scheufler 8/28/13
3D Printer Training Jonathan Herman 6/24/17
CNC Training Jonathan Herman 6/24/17
Re: [Area515] Jack Stands Ray Scheufler 6/24/17
Welding Cart Fix Andy Poppen 6/22/17
July member meeting - when is good? Tim-S 6/21/17
3D Printing Meetups Brandon Hart 6/21/17
Tech Journey Tom Pesek 6/20/17
Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Artisan's Asylum Nabil Hanke 6/20/17
Learn to Program Bailey Steinfadt 6/19/17
Thanks to Dallas for the fudge! Zeke Egherman 6/19/17
Appliance dolly Ray Scheufler 6/19/17
Any Interest in a Pen Turning Class? Chris Johnson 6/18/17
Woodshop Training Jonathan Herman 6/17/17
Locksport meeting sponsor? Bailey Steinfadt 6/16/17
Updated layout for our new space Tom Pesek 6/14/17
Cheap deal on ABS filament Tim-S 6/13/17
Chris, will you take a look at the 10" 3 wheel bandsaw, please. Jason Bentley 6/11/17
Spaces Available at Girls in Shop Day at Valley High Bailey Steinfadt 6/10/17
New space layout Ray Scheufler 6/6/17
Request training on the Wood Lathe Jason Bentley 6/6/17
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