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Google groups tips Ray Scheufler 8/28/13
Leak is fixed. Bailey Steinfadt 1:59 PM
Engraver trouble Andy Davis 1:31 PM
wiggle board Jeffrey Ollie 12/10/17
Turn any image into cross stitch pattern Bailey Steinfadt 12/9/17
Table saw outfeed rollers Brooke 12/3/17
New electronics bench! Bailey Steinfadt 12/2/17
Laser Cutter? Andy Davis 12/1/17
Donation & Fundraising opportunity Tim-S 11/30/17
Recommend source for scrap metal? Brad Freese 11/29/17
The Makerspace has been awarded a Bravo Grant for 2018 Ben Brown 11/29/17
$100 Muon Detector Build Ben Brown 11/28/17
Spare computer and av equipment Chris Knutson 11/25/17
3D Printing Meetups Brandon Hart 11/23/17
Location, location, location KA1DON 11/23/17
Location of Garage Door Opener? Ben Brown 11/22/17
temp controlled soldering iron <$30 Kalyan Mysore 11/21/17
Plastic Vacuum Former Project Brad Freese 11/18/17
PSA: Check your fire extinguishers Tim-S 11/17/17
Space work days Bailey Steinfadt 11/15/17
TechShop filing chapter 7 Ray Scheufler 11/15/17
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