Area515 - Des Moines Maker Space

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Google groups tips Ray Scheufler 8/28/13
"8x Extension" Claimed for Alkaline batteries jkraai 3:09 PM
Space destruction/construction Tim-S 8:06 AM
Open house Bailey Mader 6/2/15
Printing on the Rostock Chris Johnson 6/2/15
Cherry or maple stain Ray Scheufler 6/2/15
Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Idea Hackathon Tim-S 6/1/15
3D CAD tutorial Nabil Hanke 5/31/15
Lego mind storms kit Bailey Mader 5/29/15
Lets build a humanoid robot K Kroeger 5/28/15
Computer Controlled AC Power Switch Will Dobbins 5/28/15
Open House 5-12 Ray Scheufler 5/28/15
CNC Router Mike Longnecker 5/27/15
board meeting 5/27/2015 Barry Von Ahsen 5/27/15
JBL MR26 jkraai 5/27/15
Board Meeting Bailey Mader 5/26/15
Open house 05/26 Tim-S 5/26/15
A little help today Nabil Hanke 5/25/15
Humblebundle books Sean OBryan 5/25/15
open ports Dan Hockey 5/24/15
Butter dish temp reg brainstorming help jkraai 5/24/15
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