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Google groups tips Ray Scheufler 8/28/13
Annual member meeting: Oct 29, 2-4pm Tim-S 10:29 AM
Space work day: Saturday, Sunday, etc Tim-S 10/15/17
Kudos to Don & Dan for painting back room storage closet! Brad Freese 10/15/17
Garage opener Tim-S 10/15/17
3D Printing Meetups Brandon Hart 10/14/17
Laser cutter update Dan B. 10/14/17
Machine vision application Craig Bossard 10/14/17
Thoughts on upgrading rostock max v2? Scott Yates 10/14/17
Anyone know of other laser cutter resources in the area? celeste moreno 10/13/17
3D Scanner - Matrix Connector? Brian Huey 10/12/17
Rostock V2 out of service Ray Scheufler 10/11/17
Hobby Welding Class? Brandon Hart 10/11/17
Open House cancelled tonight. Bailey Steinfadt 10/10/17
Please vacuum the sawdust. Ben Brown 10/8/17
Art Show, October 20th and Cleanup THIS SUNDAY Bailey Steinfadt 10/6/17
ABS Printer Malfunction Allan Merz-Rosendale 10/5/17
Free laptops David Champion 10/4/17
Getting the Atlas 618 metal lathe working. Ryan Renze 10/2/17
Having trouble with SVG file that I want to laser cut - any advice? celeste moreno 10/2/17
When visitors ask, what do I say? Lisa P 9/28/17
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