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Google groups tips Ray Scheufler 8/28/13
360° camera using Raspberry Pi Zeros Jeffrey Ollie 12:30 PM
Clock kits Matthew Gidel 6:02 AM
Water in the back Tim-S 6/30/16
Sunglasses Matthew Gidel 6/30/16
Biohacking Dan Hockey 6/25/16
BattleBots Jeffrey Ollie 6/25/16
Fwd: For the amateur radio buffs... Des Moines Maker Space 6/23/16
Solder sucker Ray Scheufler 6/23/16
Area515 Amatuer Radio Club Meetup Ian Walmsley 6/22/16
No open house tonight Tim-S 6/21/16
Twisted Art this Tuesday - volunteer head count Tom Pesek 6/21/16
AWOL Robert Johnson 6/15/16
Twisted Art Discount Bailey Mader 6/14/16
Photos Bailey Mader 6/14/16
MicroB usb cables Ray Scheufler 6/14/16
Google software/project for interesting displays Scott Yates 6/13/16
Open house Tuesday Tim-S 6/13/16
Trouble shooting 3D printers Dan Hockey 6/12/16
Laser cleaned Nabil Hanke 6/11/16
Maker Faire Contact Bailey Mader 6/9/16
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