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Call for Speaker Mentors Jeff Triplett 12:50 AM
Capital Factory events Victor Trac 4/13/15
Good luck with DjangoCon 2015 Steve Holden 4/13/15
2015 Site is live Peter Baumgartner 3/17/15
Conference dates and CFP for DjangoCon US? Sebastian Vetter 2/21/15
Sponsorship Update Feb 16 2015 Peter Baumgartner 2/16/15
Design assets Peter Baumgartner 1/27/15
DjangoCon Planning at DjangoCon? Landon Jurgens 1/22/15
sponsorship prospectus RC1 and call for designer Peter Baumgartner 1/20/15
draft sponsorship prospectus Peter Baumgartner 1/13/15
Fwd: proposing accessibility statement in trademark license Russell Keith-Magee 1/9/15
Google announces downtown location for Fiber office (Austin) Barbara Shaurette 1/9/15
New year, new website? Landon Jurgens 1/7/15
Ticket sales systems Daniele Procida 1/6/15
sponsorship update Dec 15 Peter Baumgartner 12/15/14
Austin Meetup Andrew Pinkham 12/8/14
Pull request for one-page site Katie Cunningham 12/7/14
Potential one-page mock-up Katie Cunningham 11/30/14
Social Events Andrew Pinkham 11/8/14
Tentative web site dates for DjangoCon 2015 Barbara Shaurette 11/4/14
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