Django non-relational

This group organizes the development efforts around NoSQL database support for Django. Visit the Django-nonrel project site for more details.

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Django 1.6 and MongoDB aburgel 3/17/16
Django 1.6 and other project news aburgel 11/28/14
Deprecation warning Vineeth K A 4/12/16
Remote API password login is deprecated Jacob G 4/8/16
Djangoappengine using py script to load into local dev server 2/27/16
Lookup type 'icontains' isn't supported. GAEfan 2/19/16
Position for Sr. Build Engineer Rishi || HMG 2/17/16
Google Cloud Datastore API as a Backend 2/8/16
Position for Oracle B2B with SOA integration Rishi || HMG 2/2/16
Trouble detecting BlobField 2/2/16
Optimized Key Only Queries on Django Non-Rel (Google App Engine) 1/22/16
Benchmark comparing non-relational to cloud sql on GAE Christian Janiake 1/19/16
Mongodb query limitations for DictField? James Sheppard 1/19/16
Naive DateTimeField issues Jim Fenton 12/17/15
Which plugin would work effectively with MongoDB and Django 1.8.5 Jocelyn Jeriah 11/6/15
Package For 20 Keywords...!! Aditi Malviya 10/22/15
pymongo find query returns empty/partial cursor on django + uwsgi Shahin Azad 10/22/15
Regarding object with primary key u'553dfa71a5985d6117155d54' does not exist. Himanshu Sinha 10/13/15
Stuck on initial tutorial for creating the template Julien Del Rio 10/5/15
Website Designing And Web Development Antara Mali 10/5/15
Appscale, open source google appengine clone Adam "Cezar" Jenkins 9/22/15
GAE - Superuser works on remote, but not local Hew 9/22/15
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