Django non-relational

This group organizes the development efforts around NoSQL database support for Django. Visit the Django-nonrel project site for more details.

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Django 1.6 and MongoDB aburgel 2/17/15
Django 1.6 and other project news aburgel 11/28/14
Django 1.7 5/28/15
djangoappengine: how to get gae model entity from django model entity? Jacob G 5/27/15
Files API Deprecation on GAE speedplane 5/25/15
Issues with module djangoappengine on first test. 5/20/15
objects.get() returns blank object when object actually DoesNotExist Mayank Bhagya 5/14/15
Anyone Tried Docker + GAE + Django-Nonrel? speedplane 5/6/15
Django non-rel, Mongo, GIS support 5/4/15
Regarding object with primary key u'553dfa71a5985d6117155d54' does not exist. Himanshu Sinha 4/27/15
gae dev datastore not persistent between sessions cz 4/22/15
django-nonrel + mongoldb fails during createsuperuser Dotun (Free Cognition) 4/19/15
Why is _close in a no-op? Chaks Chigurupati 4/8/15
issues with pip freeze 3/23/15
Engine not running any queries under mod_wsgi 3/1/15
Which is the module in django used for implement hadoop along with mongoDB Akshath Kumar 2/26/15
Especification of how to crontribute to the documentation 2/10/15
Support for Django 1.6+ Abbas Sheikh 1/20/15
Cassandra&MySQL data model Maria Grigorieva 1/16/15
Kickstarter: Meet the best personal assistant, ever. Olivia Turing 1/16/15
installation issues and old_dev_appserver problem cz 1/15/15
Can't use model outside of the main django folder Thiago Paim 12/23/14
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